Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Shower #2!!

Well, as I have mentioned about a million times, I had my second baby shower on Sunday. It was awesome! My mom and aunt had us the shower, and everything was perfect. Food was delicious, games were fun, decorations were adorable, and the company was the best! Seriously, Nick and I are ridiculously lucky to have such amazing friends and families that support us this much. We have been given basically everything any new parents could ever want. Plus cash to get all the stuff we don't even know we want, but will become obvious to us once this sweet baby arrives. It's awesome! We came home from this shower with the hotsling (YAY!!!), the Baby Einstein Exersaucer, the Bumbo seat, the the boppy pillow, tons of adorable baby clothes, and tons and tons more. Heck I even got NURSING clothes for ME. That's right. My mom is a genius. It. Was. Awesome. So, here are a few pictures of the wonderful day!

Here is me with my mom and my aunt Josie...they were great hostesses! Also, aren't we adorable in our black and white? My family likes to match. It's what we do. me with my sistersMe with the grandma's to be! me and my NanaFour generations!

Just to break up the random pictures of my family, here is the food table....mmmmmmHere is me with my Mamaw and three of her sisters (aka my great aunts)My aunt Donna and cousin Arielle. While standing to take this picture, the baby actually kicked my Aunt Donna. It was awesome.Here is another one of me with my mama...just because it's cuteand me with my mama in law...because we worked hard to get this picture! Sally got to see how obsessed my family is with pictures. It's a sickness...

Yet another family shot...this time with my Mamaw and mom and aunts on that side and my sisters...see...a sickness.

And finally, a picture of me actually sitting down. Somehow I didn't get many (any) pictures of the present table, or the actual present opening and all that stuff. I do have this one loan picture of me sitting (following doctor's orders!) but I assure you I did spend the majority of the shower on my butt eating tons of great food and laughing with my wonderful family!


  1. Aww I'm so glad that you had a great time at your shower. It looked like everyone had a great time as well. The food table looke oh-so-yummy!!

    Glad you had a great day!

  2. That Baby is going to be set. How nice to have a fun party for them. Yeah to you for the nursing clothes. Those will come in handy.