Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tom Boy...Sorta

Well I am managing to lay around and relax today. I made a half hearted attempt to go see my friend (and Bio Girl Reader!!) Danielle and her new baby in the hospital, but Nick sorta mentioned that maybe I should, you know, follow the doctors orders and stay on the couch since I worked today and tomorrow plus I have my shower out of town tomorrow..and I have to say I think it was a good point. I am just not so good at telling myself no, but once it is pointed out to me, it becomes the OBVIOUS answer. Anyway, I am hoping to see Danielle and little Wyatt on Monday (my day off!) and for today I am getting in some couch potato-ing time!

So, what am I watching on the old TV during this relaxation time? That would be the NFL draft. My dad, the greatest dad ever-for the record, managed to have himself three daughters. He took this in stride, never minding to be surrounded by women, but he did push for a boy dog at one point. Still, he never minded all the girls. He embraced all things girl, but he also taught us to love some things that maybe aren't at the top of most girls list. For instance, I LOVE NFL football. LOVE IT. Like people used to tell Nick how lucky he was that I would watch NFL with him on Sundays (and Mondays...and Thursdays) and he would just laugh. It was ME that always turned it on. ME that wanted to go to the games. He liked it too, but his NFL love really grew from mine.

I consider myself a true fan. I completely understand the game, know the players, and keep track of all the teams. I can hang in there with most guys in an NFL conversation. I can totally hold my own. I like to think of myself as tough. I true fan, not just a girl that picked a team and has a pink jersey (I do NOT wear a pink jersey...just for the record). Then, as I sit here and watch the draft I have to admit something to myself. I love to see who goes where, to watch the teams be built, the strategy behind each selection...that is part of the reason I watch. But really, the REAL reason I love the because the players cry. They stand up and look all tough, then they hug their mom's and they burst into tears. There is nothing better than a linebacker who can't hold it together on draft day! Makes me get a little teary eyed too...because it is all so sweet. That is why I REALLY love football. All those girly emotions...


  1. Ahh a girl after my own heart! I too love football. I hated it when I was dating Shawn, but then when Shawn started coaching it became our life and I started to love it. This was usually the weekend of a spring football game wherever we lived, then after the game Shawn and I would go home and watch the draft.

    I caught a little of the draft today, but it wasn't quite the same. However, I think I'm about the only girl I know who loves college football more than NFL, and I think I'm about the only girl who falls asleep at night while watching ESPN and wake up to Mike and Mike in the morning.

    Hope you have a great relaxing weekend watching the draft! (Glad to hear there is another girl like me out there who likes the sport!)

  2. I love baseball we did watch a little bit of the NFL draft at times. Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. That's my girl!

    Love Dad