Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Stuff!!

As promised, I thought I would post a couple of pictures of how well the nursery is coming together now that we got our entire nursery set at the shower!

Here is a shot of the newly made bed! my sisters got us the bedding set, which looks so great in the nursery!! We are planning on getting the letters to hang the baby's name on the wall, but clearly we can't do that until we know if it is a boy or a girl. Besides that, we are still working on wall decor. Nick doesn't like the idea of putting any holes in his new perfect we are going to have to have a little discussion about that...he thinks we can use fishing line and hang them from the ceiling. Right. Here is a closer shot of the bed, and you can see how cute the mobile is! Nick's dad and step mom got us the mobile, lamp, hamper, wall hangings and pillows for the nursery to complete the themed decor. We are completely in love with it all!!Here is the changing table and chase. Look at how cute that owl stuffed animal is! I love him... You can also see the changing pad and what not, which was from my mom. It single handedly changed the old dresser into a changing table! Plus there is the wipe warmer and the little green basket stocked with some baby stuff...all great gifts from the shower to help us pull the room together!! Totally out of the nursery, but here is our high chair that Nick's mom and step dad got us that Nick put together this weekend. It looks so great in our dinning room. Love love love it!

Besides these things, we have tons and tons of much needed baby stuff like out baby spa (not just a tub...a spa. I will be jealous of the baby's baths...) the swing (which is portable...because sometimes I am cleaver), the bottle set, lots of books and clothes, diapers and toys...tons of great and thoughtful gifts that the sweet baby will need and love! I am sure once we get all that unpacked and in a home, I will have even MORE pictures for you all, but for now, I thought I would show you these few things we have together.


  1. Absolutely love it all. Best of all keeping the chaise in there....a rocker or glider can not compare to the complete comfort of a chaise which equals more cuddle time with baby C

  2. Everything is looking fantastic!!! Baby C. is lucky!

  3. I love the baby's room. The animals are great. I love seeing them on the walls.

  4. I LOVE that bedding. How cute!!! Who painted the animals on the wall?

  5. Your nursery is so stinkin' adorable! Can I move in?

    When Nicky was born, we hung his name on the wall (wooden letters) with handi-tack. It worked fabulously, left no holes, and allowed me to move the letters a billion times until they were PERFECT. That may be an easier option than fishing line, but if Nick needs something to keep him busy, let him have at it!