Thursday, April 30, 2009

35 Weeks

Do you all know how far along 35 weeks sounds??? Wasn't I just five weeks and starting this weekly pregnancy update thing like a couple weeks ago? Now I only have FIVE WEEKS TO GO. Five little weeks until baby. It blows my mind. (you will most likely get this exact paragraph every week from now on. Be prepared)

Our sweet little baby is totally all the way developed, but if delivered now might still need an incubator because he/she may or may not have enough fat to keep his/her body temperature up. Still, we are close, SUPER close to it being okay for this baby to be born! The estimates say the baby is now 19-20 inches and over five pounds. It also says all babies are different and who the heck knows how big OUR baby is because no baby is the same. This is just the averages. So...good to know. The baby is still moving around like crazy, but in a different way. I have way less pokes and jabs and way more rolls...shifting from here to there. Just a smooth movement over my belly in which I picture him/her trying to get comfortable in a VERY tight space! Also, I am pretty sure the baby has dropped. Things seem...much lower.

As for me, I am good! My blood work came back good from my appointment this week, so we are holding strong with slightly elevated BP that doesn't seem to be getting worse. At first they really seemed to think I would deliver early, but now I am getting the feeling we might actually make it all the way to the due date! Like I mentioned, I think the baby has dropped and this is giving me a little more room to breath, plus seems to be helping with the back aches when I roll over in my sleep. Nice to have a break from that. I am getting more tired, but it doesn't bother me much seeing as how I am suppose to be resting all the time anyways. I cannot imagine working full time these days, seeing as how when my four hours was up yesterday I came home and feel asleep...for four hours. It was awesome.

Okay, now to some belly pictures..

shirt down
shirt up