Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter (Really Late...)

Well I went back to the doctor today and everything is holding steady! So happy about this. Seems like this half day schedule is going to work out for us for at least the time being. I gotta say that it is sorta an ideal schedule! Work half time, then I MUST go home and put my feet up. I think I can handle that. Especially since I get paid for the half time off because of my short term disability. Not a bad deal at all. PLUS, the doc gave me the green light to go to the wedding on Saturday. YAY!!!!! I am not really on bed rest as much as I am on "Take it easy-Doctors orders" This I can totally live with!

Anyway, now that the medical/baby stuff is under control, I thought I would show you some pictures from Easter at my parents! We actually did Easter a week early over there, which turned out great because had it been on real Easter it would have been the hospital weekend. Things just work out sometimes...Anyway, here are a few pics!

Here is my mom and my mamaw, me and baby C. Four generations! Here's me with my Nana! And me with my Aunt Josie. After we ate an insane amount of wonderful food that my mom made, we decided it was time for Croquet. We are huge nerds. Also, Nick is AWESOME at croquet. Who knew?? Also again, Nick and I think this picture is hillarious. We look all outdoorsy. This is a total lie. Next we had an Easter Egg know, just for the kids. The thing is, my cousin is nine, and the rest of us...well...we still consider ourselves kids. Check out how pumped my little sister and brother in law are for the hunt...

Missy took off like a bolt of lightening...couldn't even see her she was so fast...Nick and I held our own in the hunt as well. Come to think of it, maybe running around trying to beat my nine year old cousin to some eggs wasn't the BEST thing for my blood pressure...

Anyway, it was a WONDERFUL Easter! We loved every second of it. The only thing that will make it better is that next year we will have Avery and Baby C there to join in the fun!! Oh...and the fact that next year dad promised to fill some of the eggs with cash...yeah, THAT will also make it better too!


  1. Glad the part-time is working out. Sigh... I would love to be on that type of doctor's ordered rest!

  2. Glad you are good with working part time and that things are going well.

    Thanks for sharing the pic's with us.

  3. That is a fun Easter.

    I am happy to hear you are doing great.

  4. So glad that you are doing well after the hospital visit! (I am just catching up!)

    Looks like the shower was fun! :)

    Take care and thanks for sharing your Easter pics!