Monday, April 20, 2009

Laura's Wedding!!

**went to the doc this morning and all is well. Blood pressure was a little too high, so they had me lay down and took it about thirty minutes later. It came back good the second time, so they said that it looks like the half days are working and they will see me in a week! He also gave me the all clear to go to my Shower on Sunday as long as I get a ride and take it easy. YAY!!! Now to the wedding...**
So, as you might remember, I was allowed to go to a wedding this weekend! You all know how I love weddings. This was a special one because it was for our super close friend Laura. We met her working at the coffee shop where Nick and I met, and have been close to her ever since. We sorta lived together in college (one of those old houses that was split into two apartments, she lived upstairs, I lived downstairs) and have stayed close for the last eleven years. Amazing that much time has passed...

Anyway, the wedding was wonderful. I don't have my normal volume of wedding pictures because...well, we were running a little late to the ceremony and actually cut the minister off to get into the last pew of the church. Nick was on the aisle and he isn't as okay with taking a million pictures during as wedding as I am. Not sure what is wrong with him. Anyway, he managed to get one shot of the actual ceremony...
stellar photography. He tried to get them coming down the aisle, but the camera took to long and they had already passed us. Huge wedding picture fail.

Still, the wedding was super sweet and we loved every second. We then headed over to the reception, which was totally awesome, even for the pregnant girl that pretty much stayed seated the entire time. Food was heaven, cake was heaven, bride and groom were totally adorable! We got to see people we haven't seen in years, which is always enjoyable. We did lots of catching up and promising to stay in touch. You know how those weddings of old friends go. There were so many people from the coffee shop there, it was shocking. We actually took a huge picture of everyone who ever worked there, but alas, it wasn't with my camera. Still, I did manage to get some pictures, so here are a few from the night!
Here are the bride and groom cutting the cake. Her dress was awesome. Like no wedding dress I have ever seen, but it suited her perfectly!
here are the bride and groom during their first dance
And then here is me and his new birthday suit...which is obviously a suit he got for his birthday and not, you know, the naked kinda "birthday suit"...because that would be sorta awkward at a wedding
Next we have me and my friend Amy from the coffee shop. Her little boy turned up his sippy cup right as Nick snapped the picture, which was sad because now you can't see his adorable face. He is so stinkin' cute...
And now we have me and the bride! I look HUGE in this picture, but Laura is absolutely adorable
And finally a last self portrait of me and Nicholas. I look tired, but it was totally worth it. We had a blast! I do love a good wedding...

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  1. Oh what a pretty dress they bride had on. My blood pressure was always out of sorts when I was PG. I am happy you get to go to your shower. You will have fun and everyone pampers you at those things. Have a great day.

    Great picture of the parent's to be.