Friday, April 3, 2009

Missing Out

I am sure I have missed things during the pregnancy. I mean, I haven't had any alcohol in a long time. I guess that counts. And I did have to sit out on the roller skating trip...yeah, that was sorta an event I had to miss. Still, maybe it is how much we wanted this, but the entire time I have never felt like I was MISSING anything. I have been loving every second and just taking the rules as part of the deal. I don't feel like it has been hard at all...until now...

So you know how I love David Cook, right? Well I do. I went to see the American Idol concert and everything. I am a BIG fan of his. So imagine my compete delight to find out that he was doing a concert in Louisville! Only an hour and a half away!! I was so going to this!! I put my sister on finding the details and she calls with an update. First, the concert is May 5th. Hmmmm....I will be, like 36 weeks pregnant. That sounds pretty far along for a concert, but it will be FINE. It's on a Tuesday...hmmmm...rough. Still..FINE. I can TOTALLY do this! Pregnancy is NOT a handicap! I can do anything I want!! Then she hit me with it...the concert is festival seating. first come, first serve...and THERE ARE NO CHAIRS. Totally standing room only. STANDING ROOM ONLY. FOR SEVERAL HOURS. On my 36 weeks pregnant! Noooooooooo.... I admit defeat. I cannot go. I can't be packed in a place like sardines and stand for several hours at 36 weeks. I sigh and hang up the phone with my sister.

I then start to think about it. Am I crazy? This is DAVID COOK! I can TOTALLY DO THIS! I call Nick, because I gotta run it by him before I call Boo and tell her to get me a ticket. The conversation goes as follows:

Me: So David Cook is coming to Louisville!!!! (voice filled with hope and joy)

Nick: Okay...(totally indifferent...waiting for me to get to the point)

Me: But it's May 5th....(voice sounds a little questioning, but STRONG...Willing him to say I am up for the challenge)

Nick: Um...I am not sure...( trying to let me down easy)

Me: And... it's-standing-room-only-with-festival-seating (said all as one word...thinking maybe if he can't understand me he will think nothing is wrong with this picture)

Nick: (silence for several seconds...I picture him rubbing his temples at this point) Are you CRAZY????

Me: no (I had to use my tiny voice because once I had it all out, I realized this just MIGHT be a bad parenting move and was sorta ashamed for even acting like I thought I could go...not sure how I even let myself get to the point of this call, come to think of it...)

Nick: Okay...(hesitates to make sure there are no tears coming...there weren't. I was accepting defeat gracefully) I think it is not a good idea.

Me: me too. I totally thought that. I was just checking to make sure you agree. Terrible idea really....okay. bye now.

Nick: *Giant Sigh* Bye

So yeah. My sisters are going to what will undoubtedly be an AMAZING David Cook concert, and I am keeping my 36 week pregnant butt on the couch. Best decision...and OF COURSE the baby is worth it! A million times more important that old David. Still...I really do hate to miss out.


  1. Maybe we can go for a pedicure on May 5th to keep your mind off what you are missing

  2. Yea babe, sorry to be a downer. But this is the first of yet many things that will change when you must put someone's welfare before your own.

  3. You can catch his next concert, enjoy a nice frosty beverage while you're on a date with Nick. It could be your first night out....we just need to figure out when that concert is....hmmmmm

  4. Oh I wanted to see Kenny Chesney but I was six months along. It was kind of the same thing. Well guess what he is coming again and I get to see him this time. David will be back. I know it because look at what happened to me.

  5. I wanted to go too..he had 3 or 4 within an hour from my house. I really wanted to go but they were all sold out before I even had a chance to get tickets =[

    He was my favorite too! : )

  6. Oh, that is a serious bummer! Maybe you could go anyway and, you know, bring a folding lawn chair or something. Only problem is, your face would be at butt level with the entire rest of the crowd. Okay, so maybe not. Damn, I really wish there was a way you could go. On the up side, you look fantastic!

  7. I know exactly how you feel. Ray LaMontagne will be in Louisville on April 27 and I am due on May 6. No concert for me, either. I love his music!

  8. Water breaking + festival seating = splashy puddles on super cute, for David Cook concert - strappy shoes....eewwwww......

    Get the mani / pedi with Charing!