Monday, April 13, 2009


So I went to see my real doctor today, and man oh man I like him SO MUCH BETTER than the on call doctor from the weekend! Mainly because he actually talked to me, which is a big plus. When I got taken back into my room they checked my blood pressure and it was once again high. Annoying because I have been checking it at home yesterday and today and it was totally normal! They had me lay down for about twenty minutes and it went back down to the normal range. Right. long as I am relaxing, my BP is totally normal.

The answer was to cut me to part time at work and to have me resting the rest of the time (the doc's exact words were "I want you to be a couch potato") and see how things look in a couple of days. I go back in on Wednesday for another check, so this part time plan will have all of tomorrow to see how it goes. I am really hoping that they let me do a few things because I have this wedding I REALLY want to go to on Saturday, then I have my other baby shower the next Saturday...what do you think the odds are of me being allowed to attend these two events?? I am thinking not good. They don't sound like "couch potato" activities, but I will ask about the wedding on Wednesday if things look good. On top of that, work is really not ready for me to be gone yet, so that is an entire other stress. I am trying to not worry about it, but it is a real mess. Still, the absolute most important thing is this sweet baby. I am not going to do anything that puts him/her in danger or rushes the birth when it is clearly to early for this little guy or girl to get here! So...I guess I am off to watch some TV and get some R&R!


  1. I have the same problem. I was hospitalized at 27 weeks for high blood pressure. They did the 24 hour urine test and it came back normal. So I was discharged. Then I met the doctor and she told me to relax and monitor bp at home. I went to the doctor's office last Thursday and my bp was pretty high again though at home it is around 120/85 ... not great but not high enough to be classified as high bp. So she sent me to the hospital once again. They monitored me for a couple of hours... took some blood samples... my bp was ok... but heart rate was very high. They let me go though. At home if I rest and take my bp, it is coming 120/80-85.Anyways, I am also trying to relax and rest as much as possible.

  2. Oh poor girl -- that's a lot to deal with. Here's hoping the "couch potatoing" does the trick!

  3. Just take it easy. During the day take a break and put your feet up. This my help. I hope you get to go to your events. I was dancing at a wedding when I was eight months PG.

  4. Hang in there, and take it easy!! Thanks for keeping us posted.