Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mary Poppins

You all remember Mary Poppins, right? You know how she had that magic carpet bag that she could pull anything out of...the most ridiculous items just appeared as if from nowhere, with no real effort at all...that was me and Tarp at the audit yesterday. It. Was. Awesome. Whats that...you need a log of every step I took in the lab over the year...*magical noise* ta-da!! Oh, you also want a log that shows that we are perfect in every way and basically we are the best...oh you sill auditor of COURSE I have that for you too!!!

I had a second movie power (I know, I know...get a life). You know in Star Wars when Obi Wan tells the storm troopers *small wave of hand* "These aren't the droids you are looking for" and then the storm trooper turns to his storm trooper buddy and says "these aren't the droids we are looking for...they may proceed". Yep, that was me as well. All those little things that we were so ready to apologize for, to explain how that the take over had been hard and we had just lost track for a few things, he didn't even ask to see!!!! This is so unheard of! It's was like we were right there heading in the direction, then he just forgot....like I willed it to happen with the power of my mind. When he did ask to see something that was not perfect, as if by magic he looked, (I hang my head ready for the blow) and he says "Great work!"...excuse me?!?! Really!! Let me tell you, if he thinks this was great work, I will blow his socks off next year!

At one point the GM walked in and the auditor raving to her about how lucky she was to have the two of us, and that we are basically the best ever and he just can't find a single thing wrong! Ahhhh hahahahaha!! Talk about the best plug ever from the guy in charge of the entire state program!

Maybe it helped that we took him out to lunch, and then I talked him into splitting a desert. Not normal audit activity I assume, but what I can say, I am a people person! By the end of it, I think he wanted to work there with us. I went over to Tarp and Jim's after work to celebrate our amazing success with champagne and snacks. The perfect end to a perfect audit! This is just about as good as work life gets!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy, Perfect Weekend

You know that lazy weekends that you always dream about but never really happen? Well, let me tell you, I am in the middle of one and it is fabulous! I am never good at doing nothing. As soon as I have a little free time, I always fill it with tons of crap. Not this time!

Friday I was a little productive. I managed to clean up the house, have lunch with Nick and some friends, go to the grocery store, and then go over to Liz's for a wonderful dinner with all my girlfriends. I will get a post up on ZPO about the evening in the next few days. For now I will say that I am so lucky to have suck wonderful girlfriends in my life. I really don't know what I would do without them.

Saturday I made it to 130 club at Charings house. We had breakfast and hung out and talked for a while. So nice that I didn't have to be at work! Boo came back home with me after Charings. We ordered in lunch for us and Nick and watched the wedding video!! Oh, how I love the wedding video. The best part is that as a surprise the video guy put together a highlight real for us! (yes, we are close to our video guy...we have done LOTS of weddings!) I can't wait for everyone to see how great it all looks! After the video there was a nap for a couple of hours, then Nick and I watched an entire disk of the X-files and had dinner. Perfect!

Today we are basically doing a lot of the same. Nick made pancakes for breakfast and my friend Nancy stopped by to hang out for a bit. I think I will make something good for dinner, but that is always fun when you have all the time in the world. Now I am off to play some video games (exercise!). Hope you all had as perfect of a weekend as me!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Just in the Nick (HA) of Time

Although this title might be misleading, it is, in fact, not about Nick. I always enjoy using that expression though! I am writing to tell you the joyous news that I am off work today!!! AMAZING! After 14 days (and the days off before that were with the flu, so I am thinking they hardly count) and 130 hours of work, I have finally got a few days off.

I realized that I really needed it yesterday when I made a quick Wendy's run for some Frosty's for Tarp and me. I pulled up to the speaker, pulled up to the pay window....and then just drove away! NO FROSTY'S!! I stop to turn out of the Wendy's drive through and as I check my rear view mirror (as all good drivers should) I notice the head of the guy running the drive through hanging out the window with a Frosty is his hand...Damn....now this is embarrassing. Even more embarrassing (well maybe not) was when I threw the car into reverse in order to get my delicious treat (I would have driven away and never looked back, what with all the shame and everything, but it would have been worse to walk into work without them..) So I throw the car into reverse and fly back there...but you see...I am not so great at backing up. So, I ended up about five feet from the window. My arms are long, but there was no making it. Yep, I had to park the car, take off my seat belt, get out and walk over to the guy at the window. He wouldn't even make eye contact... I did see a mean little grin on his face though. No doubt he was talking about the idiot at the drive through all day. Awesome.

We had an interview yesterday for a guy who is most definitely the one! I am so excited about him. He actually knew what we do (which is rare) and (GASP!) he had DONE IT BEFORE!!! He did it in a class at school. Well, sir, you have found yourself a job! After he left Tarp was going on and on about how that was the best interview he has ever had with someone... yep this guy was tops....then he felt the heat on his neck when he noticed me looking at him. Ooops..he forgot he did, in fact interview me. He was so tickled with himself...but he was right. This guy was WAY better than me in the interview, but I am better in many other ways,so I am not worried!

Okay, I have a long day of laundry, TV watching and talking on the phone to get to, so I am out of here!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Hole

I am so annoyed. I looked down at work today right after I walked out of another interview (with this person who apparently thought it was okay to roll her eyes....ummm...HELLO!! Do you want a job, why in the hell are you rolling your eyes? For the record, Tarp said maybe she was looking up and thinking about her answers, but it looked a lot like a roll to me!) and I noticed that my jeans have a hole in them!!

First off, the hole is on the side that the girl we were interviewing could totally see (maybe that is why there was the eye roll....hmmm). This is just embarrassing. It looks like my clothes are falling apart.

Second, it is at the seam, so it totally looks like I am busting out of my jeans because my thighs are to big. This is depressing. HELLO!! Nobody wants to bust a seam out of their jeans!!! And the jeans are not tight at all. I do own some jeans that I feel make me look skinny (is that only because of the size on the tag...maybe) but they are tight. If I busted a seam in those, I would hang my head in shame, but accept the truth. This is not the case here.

Third, the jeans are brand new. This really kills me. I mean, I go to all the trouble to order a perfect pair of jeans and the are just falling apart on me! Literally ON ME!!

Fourth (I bet you all are amazed I have four points about my jeans) I can't find my sewing kit. I know I have one because Nick always begs me to sew on his buttons and what not, so Boo (of course) bought me one so I could get the job done...but it is nowhere to be found. And I need to get back to work...but obviously not in my holey jeans. When I showed Tarp he was actually like "WOW! THE SEAM IS TOTALLY BUSTED!"...shame.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm in Love...

Thought you all might like to see this picture I snapped of my two babies the other day. How sweet is she with her head on his shoulder! I just love it!

Work is much better now that Tarp is back (I say that, but we were both there until 8:30 last night and looks like it will be another long one tonight...maybe misery really does just love company!) Tarp was all amazed with me when he got back. He couldn't believe how much I had done, so that was nice to hear. The audit pack will be in the mail today. The actual Audit is Monday, so after that life will be good!

We are now interviewing for a new person in the Bio Lab. It will be really great to have more help! I was in on the first interview today. Okay, I know I am a picky person, so this might be hard to find someone I am good with, but this person was a big NO...this was not my decision alone. It was unanimous. We have lots more people lined up, so it is all good. It is really interesting to be on this side of an interview! I will let you know how it all goes!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Quick Updates and Random Thoughts

First off, let me tell you that I am so excited. Tarp is back today!!! YEA!!!!! I know he is really dreading getting back to the crazy life that is our work, but I am thinking I just might burst into tears as soon as he walks in the door! Seriously.

As of yesterday I have clocked in 86 hours since he left. I was going to take off today for presidents day (one of my works holidays...AMAZING!) but I have to be there to help get the audit packet into the mail. I am off Friday for sure, so maybe I will take Thursday as well...hmmm..

A wonderful thing happened last night. I got an A- on Big Brain Academy! Now, to lots of the world this might not seem HUGE, but trust me, it is impressive! Boo, Missy, Aunt Carole and Aunt Cheryl all know that this is a near miracle! It basically made my entire weekend.

I am back into UK basketball. I usually start watching about this time of year, but man this time it is a little depressing. Anybody else watching? We have dropped three in a row....the three that I watched. I am starting to think I am back luck for the team!

Charing comes home today. So excited. Clearly I am needing my best friend back to tell her all of my random thoughts so that you all do not get hodge-podge posts that clearly have no rhyme or reason to them. Maybe my mind will be more together tomorrow!(I really like the way I didn't even attempt a transition between topics. Just jumped right into a new one...that is some literary talent!)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

I have a new addiction (actually I have three...). The one I am talking about today is good old Grey's Anatomy (the other two are House and Bones...oh yea, and American Idol...I am sure I will also talk about them soon, so watch out!) Let me also quickly explain that I am becoming a slight TV addict. We recently got DVR, and it has changed my life. I was never much of a TV watcher due to the fact that I could never remember to watch or tape shows. I had a couple of shows that I was a die hard fan of (Survivor used to fall into the category, and The Office is the newest obsession) where I would always watch, but these shows were rare. Now that I have DVR, any show that someone tells me is a must see, I just add it to my list. I can't believe what I have been missing! Now I just need to find time to watch them all!

So, to Greys Anatomy. I had five episodes backed up on my DVR. The other night nick went out to play cards and I settled in for a long catch up of my new show. Just as a side note, some of these were from Lifetime, who has started the show over from the beginning and is showing it on Sunday night. GENIUS!!!!!!

Wow...getting to the point...I have not been watching the show that long, but I am assuming it is called GREY's Anatomy due to the main character being Meredith. Is this right? I mean, do they really think they could (or we believe they would) kill her?!?! I am just saying, she had been down a really long time...and who knows how long she was in the water...and man, she looked really REALLY dead. From the small medical background that I have (yes I am counting working at the OB/GYN and the entire clerk at the hospital thing...plus my bio degree) she would totally have brain damage. I mean, they said she had been down 20 minutes!!!!

Also, I thought Izzy's little monologue about how Denny is always with her and she believes in the good was not well placed in the show...seemed like to much...AND, I don't think Kallie and George are that bad, why is it the mistake of his life?? And Dr. Shepherd made me cry...just a little...especially when his old best friend came and put his arm on him...

Yes, I am watching to much TV. Yes, I take TV to seriously (ask my mom or sisters about the General Hospital obsession of my youth). Yes you should come and take my DVR away in the night when I am asleep...but never let me know it was you, or I just might kill you.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Video Games

So, I have to say that I honestly thought I was never going to be a big video game player. I mean, sure, I loved Mario one, two and three back in the day. I could rock Tetris with the best of them, but video games had moved past me. They were to hard. I hated them as soon as you could go in all directions. I am totally a moving to the right and jumping over bad guys kind of girl. So, imagine my surprise to have found myself COMPLETELY ADDICTED TO VIDEO GAMES.

Let me back this story up a little bit. Nicks wedding present from his brother was a Nintendo DS. I was all like, how is that a wedding present? But whatever. It was really nice and Nick loved it. bla bla bla. He gave him Mario Cart, and I am a racing fan, so I played...and played and played and played. Then on our honeymoon Nick (being the hopeless romantic that he is) gave me my own pink DS, along with the Big Brain Academy game and Tetris for my birthday. A video game junkie was reborn. These are the old kind of games!! My kind of games! Boo and Chris got me Yoshi's World for Christmas and I could not put it down. I am a little embarrassed to say it, but I even took it to work and would play it for my 15 minute breaks. I couldn't lay down to sleep, I needed to beat one more level...

At Christmas another type of game entered my life. After some serious searching and one foot race the day after Thanksgiving, I was able to give Nick a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. Yet again, I really thought this was just for him. Not my cup of tea.

Have you all played this thing? It is so great!!! Nick and I were actually just playing it (hence the idea for this post) and I was all out of breath and I might even be sore tomorrow( I must put in some tennis practice..I suck bad). The weeks after Christmas my body literally ached (is it sad that I get all of my exercise from a video game??) It is just a strange place to be. No longer do I sit and read while Nick plays his games. Now we play together. Now I beg him to play just one more round. Oh how times tides have turned...but I love it.

***isn't it romantic...here is a picture of Nick and I battling it out at Mario Cart***

***for real romantic, I forgot to tell you all what Nick got me for V-day. He made this entire book of our honeymoon. It is the same type of book that we used as our Guest book at the wedding, but that was just pictures. This one he wrote all about our trip. The first page has the dedication "to my wife". It was so much work, and it is truly amazing. I love it!***

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Family Night

I love my family. In my opinion, we are basically the best family ever. Okay, so I would say lots of people think that, but for us, it just might be true. I am sure over the life of the Bio Girl blog you will hear me talk about my family a lot. For now, I will tell you of Family Night.

Back when my older sister was in high school my parents had this idea. They wanted to make sure that as we all grew up, our family made time for each other. A specific time to slow down and enjoy each others company. My parents were smart enough to know if the took us out to do something fun every week, we would all make the time. So they invented Family Night. Each week we would all go out to dinner and a movie.

And we did....and still do. Now at the age of twenty seven (wow...27 looks old when I see it written out...) we still go out each week for our beloved Family Night. The classic night of dinner and a movie is not required. Sometimes, we just do dinner, sometimes we meet up at someones house and just hang out, but we are always together at least one night a week.

Anybody can come. M&D never minded extras. During school years there were commonly large crowds. People who wished their families did cool things like that. My sisters and I would just smile. We knew we were lucky. These days it is usually just the family. We now have a couple of husbands that show up along with the original five. We laugh and talk, catch up on each others lives. It is the best tradition my parents could have ever started. It makes sure we make time. It is perfect!

So last night for Family Night we went to Moe's (did you know they had a Moo...a child size version of their gigantic burritos?? well the do! And they are perfect!) Then it was off to see "Lyrics and Music". Mom loved it, but the rest of us thought it was just okay (except Nick...Nick was NOT A FAN). Most things are given away in the previews, and all in all it felt like they were just trying to hard.

Sometimes the movies are blah, sometimes they are great (Dad will never forget when he took us kicking and screaming to see "Remember the Titans") but what is most important is that we are doing it together.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

So this is the second post I have written today (the other is over at ZPO) and they are both about good old Valentines Day. I am wondering what percentage of blogs are writing on the topic today. I would say most. It doesn't matter if you love it or hate it, it is hard to ignore!

I love Valentine's Day. I have always really liked it. It never made me depressed when I was alone, I didn't really care. My mom always had us candy, I would go out with a group of girls, it was just a holiday I liked. (expect for that one when my ex boyfriend cheated on me on Valentine's Day...that one stung a bit...)

Today is actually the eight year anniversary of mine and Nicks very first date. We had worked together for a couple of years and had made plans to spend the old V-day together because we were both single. This was really a large plot by me because I had the HUGE crush on him over the previous six months. As the day grew closer, I kept talking about our date. Amazingly enough, my plot actually worked and by the time we went out, it was a real date! AMAZING. It took us about three months to decide we were really going to date. This may seem like a long time to normal people, but we are the couple that had our first kiss on 4th of July the year before (we like holidays I guess), our first date on February 14th, became a real couple on May 8th...then dated seven years before getting married. We like to take things slow!

This post is getting away from me....I am really rambling now...oh well. Here is what I was going to tell you all. This is when I knew Nick and I were going to be together forever. The old V-day when the ex decided to cheat was a bad one. I was working with Nick and I was ranting (who me, rant??) about how easy it should be to be a good boyfriend. I don't ask for much, just no cheating, maybe a slow dance to "crazy love" and three yellow roses. Is that hard? So on our first Valentines Day as a couple I got three yellow roses. A couple of weeks later I got nine dried yellow roses. He couldn't find a place that sold them individually, so he bought the dozen to give me my three. I couldn't believe he remembered the conversation from two years before. That he knew me so well, that he would buy the twelve to give me what I really wanted. The dance happened too, but not on Valentine's Day, so I guess that is another story.

Anyways, enough with all the love talk. I have to get back to work!! Work is better. I told the GM, it was to much for me and she totally agreed. Things have calmed down until Tarps return! Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Throwing in the Towel

Well, if you missed the post from yesterday, then just skip it. I am not making the breakfast bars....not this time. I was at work until nine thirty last night and don't see myself being home any earlier tonight. One day he will get them!! I swear I will make them, but just not this week.

You know when you have an impossible task. One that you stay up at night thinking about, that wakes you up in the morning...that is my work right now. I am not sleeping well, I am so tense, I just need to get it under control. This morning I woke up trying to decide what to tell the GM when I get to work. I just can't do this the entire time Tarp is gone (6 more days!!). I need to slow down. I need to just stop. We did get more time (it now has to go out two days after he comes home), but I can't seem to tell my mind that. I just keep going over and over things. This packet that he would have had in the the mail in a day, I am consumed with. So, we will see if I can really let it go. The tense feeling in my shoulders is telling me no, but I will try!

I am trying to think of other things to talk about on here, but as of now work is the only thing on my mind. (If you want to take a break from bio-girl until I get back to my myself in about a week, I will totally understand...I am even boring myself!) It even got in the way of we watching Hero's last night! How annoying to think of work when your favorite show is on!! Okay...gotta get to work.

Monday, February 12, 2007

34 Hours In

That's right everybody. From Friday to yesterday I logged in 34 hours at work. I feel like I missed my life. I guess I really did. I missed SIS day, I missed....well....an entire weekend on laying on the couch with Nick watching TV! Just GONE!! Will I ever be the same???

Anyways, this (yet again) very quick post is not about work (I hear the cheers from the crowd). It is about the upcoming holiday. Nick and I are not a huge Valentines Day couple. We do a little something, order dinner in from someplace nice (the wait is never worth it), watch a movie, basically have a nice evening in. So I have him a little something (not telling you what in case he ever gets a crazy hair and reads up on the ramblings of his wife) but the problem is, I also have to make something. Something I have been trying to make for, oh lets say five years. I am so determined to do it this time! No more excuses, no more "just ran out of time"....but here is the big problem....I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!!! Damn. I thought I was better about this type of thing by now.

I know you all are saying 1. what is she even talking about, and 2. you have a good excuse...the 34 hours of work!! But see, I always have a good excuse. Not this time!! I will do it. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will let you know tomorrow if I get started. Now, back to work!

Friday, February 9, 2007


You know what really sucks?? When you miss two days of work in a lab that only has two people. It sucks even more when the other half of the team left for vacation, so you both missed that terrible second day. Now toss in the fact that your work load is, oh, I don't know, say four times its normal volume. Plus you have this HUGE audit coming up in a week that you really aren't ready for, but you thought would be fine, but turns out it really isn't so fine. Welcome to my life. It looks as if I will be camping out at work until the late evening hours for the next week or so. Lucky me.

**Sorry for the short post, but I am only taking 30 minute lunch breaks until Tarps return. I should be able to get a better post up tomorrow!***

Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Flu

That's right folks, I have the flu! I never thought much about the flu...you know, you are sick, can't get out of bed, feel bad, yada yada yada. OH. MY. GOD. I have been dying. I can honestly say that I have never been this sick in my entire life. I am not one to vomit. I just never do it. Not including alcohol induced puke, I have thrown up three times in my actual memory.

Once in third grade when I was staying the night with Susan Powell. I blame this one on raw meat. I noticed when I was eating the hamburger that her dad had made us that it was a little pink, but I was not going to mention it. Then, around three in the morning, it hit me. I didn't make it to the bathroom, and I think the horror of that moment prevented me from puking for the next nine years.

As a senior in high school I came down with some bug that brought puking back into my life. I was at M&D's and Barry was there. Yet again another horrifying experience. When it has been nine years, you forget how terrible it really is!

The last one was not as bad. I was at my house, and my endo had me so sick it made me puke. None of these were anything like what I had to deal with for the last two days. I was up all night, not able to keep anything down. I finally went to the doctor yesterday when I started having blackouts and was not able to stand up straight. They gave me a shot that felt like liquid fire to stop the vomiting, and finally, FINALLY I was able to sleep. I am still sick, and really weak and extremely blah, but I am better than yesterday!

So, here is the point. I am so sorry I missed my post yesterday, but clearly I was not able to sit at the computer. I will try to not let you all down again! Also, for the girl who always needs a silver lining, I am thinking I may have lost some weight with all this sickness...score!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Do you all watch the show Heroes? Well, let me tell you, we LOVE it!! Actually I love it, and Nick thinks it is just okay, but whatever. I think it is the best! (along with Futurama, X-files, Greys Anatomy, Scrubs...never mind) So here's the thing...I am just confused with where the show is going. I mean, I obviously don't think Peter is going to blow up...so what, like at the end of the season are they going to become some huge crime fitting team? Are they going to become like X-men and be outcasts?? I just want you other Heroes watchers opinions on what you think is going to happen. Is Clair's dad bad news? Can you believe her real father is the politician!!! Do you think Peter is to big of a baby? Let me know what you think about the show...and if you don't watch it, then you should really start!

***please excuse the lateness and short nature of this post. I had lunch with Charing, and am having Boo, Chris and Missy over for dinner, so there is little time for blogging!***

Monday, February 5, 2007


I feel really, really terrible. I really hate the fact that I have Endometriosis (would anybody ever like this fact...most likely not) I know I mentioned that I felt bad in the last post, but I feel about 100 times worse today. It most likely is because I am up and working, having to do things, and it makes me more aware of how terrible I feel. My body is screaming at me to stop and lay down, but I just can't miss work for this.

There is a certain level of pain and nausea that I am just used to living with. I try not to complain about it much, or even think about it. It is just part of my life. When it really gets terrible is when I am on my period. Then, I am so sick that at any moment I could burst into tears. It is truly impossible for me to describe. Trust me, it's bad. So, that is how I feel today. There is nothing the doctors can do. They say that this is just life with stage 3-4 endo, but it sucks. Just thought you all would like to know what is up. Blah.

***hopefully I will be better tomorrow and have a nice fun post...I am going to lay down for the rest of my lunch.***

Sunday, February 4, 2007


So last night Nick and I spent the evening in. I was not feeling well due to my stupid endometriosis and so once Boo and I were done with eBay, we ordered some pizza and settled in for the X-Files movie. Let me tell you how exciting this was for us. We are extremely addicted to the show the X-Files (what’s that you say, that show is super old, we are big dorks?? Shut up.) We have been watching them on DVD from Netflix for months and months. We finally made it up to the point of the movie, so you know...it was a BIG NIGHT!

Once the movie was over Nick and I broke out some puzzles (wow...I am even a little embarrassed of myself right now...as Saturday night filled with X-Files and puzzles...at least we found each other, right??) Now, let me tell you, these were really cool puzzles! My Aunt, over on the LEFT COAST sent these 3D puzzles to Nick for Christmas and they were really different, so...here is a picture!! (That’s right, I bet you thought I was never putting pics on this blog, but here they are!!)

Okay, so I put Ellie in the picture as well, because Ellie makes all pictures better, but the apple and the pyramid are the puzzles! Pretty cool, hua?

Today is the Super Bowl, and anybody who knows me knows I am a HUGE NFL fan. I am really pumped. Here's hoping it is a great game. We are watching it over at Charing and Scotts, so it will most definitely be a good time! Here is one more picture of me and Nick on our Honeymoon...just for fun!

Enjoy the game!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Back on eBay

I recently cleaned out my closet. This is something I do a few times a year (mainly because Boo makes me...I would be such a pack rat without her!) Anyway, I have had a large pile of my old clothes sitting around for a little while, so Boo and I spent the day getting things listed on eBay.

The two of us have a hot and cold relationship with eBay. Whenever we need money, or have too much junk lying around (right now both reasons are true) we will talk ourselves into listing stuff...then we get completely addicted. EBay is so wonderful!! I love looking for things, buying things, getting wonderful little packages in the mail! Plus, of course I love when other people buy my old crap and send me amazing amounts of money! We have made enough to send us on several vacations! Who pays $30 for my old run down jeans that I am so tired of?? Wait, look at that great pair of basically new jeans that I am just dying to have!! BID BID BID!!

I am basically the reason eBay works as well as it does (they should really thank me). I make money on it, providing things that others want, but more important than that, I buy things with the money I make there. Economy at its best! Alright, gotta get back to listing!

Friday, February 2, 2007


I have this love/hate relationship with good old Friday. You see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE every other Friday. This love is easy to explain...I don't work. Now, before you all decide you hate me due to my 9am work schedule with every other Friday off, I have a reason. You see, I also work every other weekend. This creates an 11 day on/3 day off schedule...now the weekend days are almost always half days, so this really is a good deal.

The only problem is that other Friday. The one that I work. You see, if I work, then Tarp doesn't. This is all good, he deserves it, bla bla bla....it sucks to work alone. I mean, first off, you are so damn busy. You are doing the work of two. Plus, not to sound like a baby, but it's looooonely. I mean, who doesn't like sitting around all day with a friend??  But ALONE?  Where is the fun in that?? Oh well...a small price to pay for two three day weekends a month! Okay, gotta run and get a pot roast in the crock pot before my lunch is over! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

***woo-hoo!!! Seven posts in seven days! Amazing!!!****

Thursday, February 1, 2007

For the Love of Harry Potter

Oh my, am I excited. Not just a little excited, no no, this is full blown crazy excited. You see, I have a slight addiction. I have no shame in it because I am not alone. I am crazy in love with Harry Potter. Actually, not Harry himself, but rather the entire book series. I have read them all over and over. I collect not only the American versions, but also the British versions...just so I can look at them and be amazed.

I will be happy to debate for hours on even the smallest of story lines; do I think Harry and Ginny will end up together? Oh course! Do I think Harry will die? No way would my dear friend JK ever do that to me. (And I can call her that due to our closeness... She wanted to tell me the end of book seven but I said, "No, no JK, it isn't fair for me to know before the rest of the world" so sadly, I wait) Will Sirius Black return? All my prayers would be answered, but I don't think so. Is Snape really bad? Yes. If you have any questions on my opinion, just let me know.

Anyways, good old JK has basically made my year. Why you ask? Because she has finally finished the last book in the series!! I will be so sad to see it go, but I am giddy with excitement over finally reading how it all ends. July 21st cannot get here fast enough for me! (For the record I really thought it would happen on July 7th, I mean 07-07-07 for the seventh book! What would be better than that? I guess JK forgot to run her release date by me...her mistake)