Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alarm Clock

I have a deep hatred of alarm clocks. That is one of the things that makes this glorious vacation so wonderful. I just wake up when I it turns out...isn't really that much later than when I would wake up at home. Whatever, it is now MY time! Anyway, seeing as how one of the highlights of vacation is waking up whenever my body decides it's time, you can imagine how I was a touch of annoyed to be woken up yesterday at eight am to hear a noise that clearly sounded like our house was being bombed. After two "attacks" Nick and I jumped from the bed and went out on our second floor patio. Here is what we saw... Then they "buzzed the tower" or buzzed the deck I guess... While watching the Blue Angles practice, we looked over the top of the condo and saw this...So with the rainbow and the amazing air show, it was well worth getting up a little earlier!

Now for a couple of other pictures from the week. Here is Nick teaching Wesley to play some penny hockey. He will be a master in not time!

And here are the parents at dinner at Peg Leg Pete's

And then the kid table, Boo, Chris and Cory

Then Liz, Wesley (looking adorable) Me and Nick!


  1. looks like a grand time!

    just found you through someone then someone else - can't remember now, but the blonde is natural!

  2. It's apparent you were having a blast!