Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Beach

Truly creative title there, right?? I have a funny feeling that all beach posts might have a slight slacker feel to them. Hope you all don't mind. My mind just slows down a little around here. I will tell you that we got just a touch of lost on our way into town. We have not been in several years, so we decided to print out mapquest directions. Well, little known to my sister Boo we are staying on Ariola Avenue and she got directions to Ariola Drive. Yes, I know what you are thinking. There are in fact not one, but TWO streets here named Ariola. Not sure who heard the word Ariola and thought "STREET NAMES!" and not "Nipples!", but I will tell you that Ariola Avenue is a wonderful street, and Ariola in a rough neighborhood. No where near the beach. Boo was dedicated to her Mapquest because it has never steered her wrong, so even when it meant nearly flipping the van to make a turn into this neighborhood, she was still holding strong. Chris finally yelled, "DO YOU SEE THE BEACH??" We stopped for directions and eventually found our way to the house. The amazing house. Wanna see a couple pictures?
Here is the house from the beach
and here is the view from the back deck
Due to the Hurricane back a couple of years ago many houses here had to be completely rebuilt. Our house is very new and truly AMAZING! My parents spent forever looking for the right house for us to spend this week in and they did a perfect job. Here is the kitchen
Everything is amazing, but loading pictures is a little annoying on this laptop, so for the last house picture I will just show you my favorite thing...the jacuzzi tub in our bathroom!
Now for people pictures!! Here are me and Boo with our Aunt Cheryl who we do not get to see nearly enough!!
Here is me and Wesley chillin' on the beach. Boo told him to smile for the pics and he put his hands up behind his head like that. This boy knows how to chill!My mom and Aunt hanging out on the beach
Me and Boo on the beach...not my best look but I had just been in the water. When Liz and I walked over to the water and Liz got all the way in, Nick leaned over and said to Boo, "Liz just went under!" and Boo looked at him like he was crazy and said, "Um...yeah, Sarah is about to too" and three seconds later I was under. Nick has a deep dislike for the ocean water that clearly my family does not share!

And that's it for today. We are going out to dinner tonight, then the kids (us) might find a nice beach patio to go out to for drinks. Then again we might just have some drinks on our own patoi...doesn't get much nicer than that anyway! If you come by the blog and I haven't updated, don't worry about me. I am just sitting here...


  1. Oh, you are having my dream vacation! I have been trying to get my family all lined up to go to a beach somewhere and get a house - sounds dreamy! Gorgeous! Do you know some of those places let you bring your dog?

    Oh,and don't be a big silly - you look great!

  2. looks like a great week is in the making!

  3. that is one great looking beach house! WAIT! not nearly as great looking as you look in a bikini.... so jealous!

    have a fabulous week!