Friday, July 18, 2008

Not As Clever As I Think

I consider myself a cleaver enough girl. Feel that I am good with problem solving, seeing the big picture, understanding they WHY of things. Truly on top of the details. Then things happen that really make me rethink that self approving opinion. Our dog Ellie has always gotten up in the night to go out. It is just one of those things I have gotten used to. She needs to pee, I get a drink, go pee myself, then we both go back to bed. Over the past several months I have been making a real effort to break this habit. We got to where she would go out every night before we went to bed, around midnight, then go all the way until 6:15 in the morning when she would wake me up and I would let her out. It was always 6:15. Exactly 6:15. She wakes me up, I think to myself, "It feels earlier/later this morning....wonder what time it is...oh, 6:15. weird". Day after day, week after week she gets me up at 6:15. I became more and more impressed with my perfect little dogs internal clock. We are talking to the minute here! I am patting myself on the back for the amazing dog parenting skills that led to this miracle dog which can tell time based on the sun or something. What an amazing mom I will make!! I taught my dog to tell time! MAD SKILLZ!

Weeks. Months. Most mornings I am amused with the exactness of the routine. This morning. At 6:15 on the nose I get up to let her out. I hear something. I hear....the train. The train which is far enough from our house so that you wouldn't hear in during normal waking hours due to the daily noise, but which you can hear in the still of the early morning. The train...that runs everyday at 6:15 and wakes up Ellie. It's the train...and I AM JUST NOW REALIZING IT. Months people, MONTHS I have wondered HOW she did it. HOW did she know?? Never thought there might be an explanation like she had her own alarm clock....

If you need more proof of my mad detail knowledge, in my post yesterday I said Nick and I have been married two and a half years, one and a half of which we have been trying for a baby. It was pointed out to me by my friend friend Arielle who I did not even know me at the time of my wedding, that I am completely wrong. We were married in October of 2006. If you do some quick math, we have been married one year and nine months. Now, we truly have been trying for a baby for a year and a half, I went off BC in January of 2007. Still, how do I add nine months to the time we have been married and not even bat an eyelash. At this rate we will have been married ten years and I will tell people it is our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I do the same stupid thing with the age of my cat. I have been saying Sammie is 15 for the past four years. I just did some quick him in seventh grade...looks like he is...fifteen. Just now fifteen. It's like a pick a number that sounds about right, then throw it out as fact...not the best method...

To distract you from my faulty memory, I will now share with you a picture of me and Nick at the baseball game last night! Now aren't we adorable, even if I have no idea how long we have been married....


  1. adorable!

    love your top... where can i score one like that?

    happy friday!

  2. Mmmhmm I agree with mah-meeee -- loving the top. What a cute couple. I know you want a baby, but enjoy your time together, it truly is so special.

  3. we had so much fun with you last night! hope we get to see you guys again soon!

  4. Yeah, well, you know it too me SEVERAL MONTHS to figure out that the chocolate smell was coming from my mascara, so I can totally relate.

    I actually thought you were going to say you were looking at a clock that had stopped at 6:15. And you never noticed. That I would believe also.