Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laid Back Weekend

So I just finished the first season of Lost, and I know I am extremely late to this party, but OH MY GOD the love of this show! What's in the Hatch?? Where are they taking Walt?? What are these numbers?? Yes, yes I know that many of you know the answers to many of these questions, but let a girl who is behind on the times enjoy the suspense. The good news is that rather than wait an entire summer for the answers, I will get to see the first episode of season two when it arrives in my mail in a couple of days..the love that is Netflix...

Besides watching Lost, my day has been pretty chill. I have gotten a lot of work done on the computer, and I picked up the house, but mostly I am just relaxing. Last night I read the entire book Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella, which was funny and delightful. (Thanks Chic Shopper Chick for sending it to me! You rock! ) If you haven't read her Shopaholic series you should look into it's hilarious. So is her Can You Keep a Secret...honestly I love everything she writes...I also bought the entire Twilight series this weekend. (Finally using the gift card to Barnes and Noble which I got for Christmas...*shame*) Why has nobody told me about these books before?? Did you know that there is midnight release party for the fourth book?? Do you know how I LOVE that sort of thing?? (Do you know that I am a HUGE nerd who went to all the midnight Harry Potter parties and went to see the Star Wars at the midnight shows...and Spiderman...and the Matrix) I will not be attending this party because I am fairy certain I will not be caught up by then, but still...someone could have tipped me off to the phenomenon.

Just so you all don't think I am a complete loser, I will mention that I have also been socializing with friends. Going over to houses to hang out and laugh and talk, having lunch, going out to dinner for a birthday party. All good times. This head ache is still bothering me, but I am getting used to it. Not sure that is exactly the perfect solution, but it is something. I took my last birth control pull yesterday so I should be starting my period any day now. I keep forgetting that I still have to have a period in order to get this ball rolling. I feel like it's time, but really we haven't even started the count on the month yet. I am really hoping this isn't a painful cycle with my endometriosis. I am going to try to stay off any pain medications besides Tylenol if possible. The doctor said it would be best, but I can take my stronger stuff if I really need it...lets hope I don't.

Anyway, In sum...I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. It has been really lovely. Nick gets home tomorrow night and I can't wait to see him. The house seems really quite with just me and the's much better when he is home.

PS. The tub of icing is definitely not gone. Neither are the white chocolate covered pretzels. The Ice Cream REALLY isn't gone...which reminds me...


  1. My daughter, Sydnee, loves the Twilight series and is patiently awaiting delivery of the fourth book from She recommends that you read The Host by the same author. It's not a series but she likes it just as well.

  2. 1. Lost is, indeed, fabulous at the beginning. It blogs down a little as time goes by though. I'll be interested to hear what you think.

    2. I can't believe I haven't mentioned the Twilight series to you. LOVE THEM. You DO know there is a movie coming out, right?? Also, I am being interviewed by Rich Copley on Monday about those books (Herald-Leader guy) so that should be interesting. I'll keep you updated about when that will be in the paper.

  3. Thanks for the book ideas. I've been looking for some good reads. I love going to the library but hate getting books that I end up not enjoying. It's very disappointing.

    So yeah... off to the library tomorrow perhaps!

  4. LOVE Sophie Kinsella! Have you tried any of Meg Cabot, especially her Queen of Babble series?

    I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend at home devouring junk food! :)

  5. Looks like we did the same thing this weekend. I also sat on the couch much of the weekend but I watched the West Wing. I'm addicted. My husband and I have watched seasons 1-4 in a little under a month.I have never seen an episode of Lost.
    I also love Sophie Kinsella, but this weekend I read Jennifer Weiner, also a great author.

  6. I love Lost! (has there ever been a better-looking cast???) And I am getting ready to read the second Twilight book. I LOVED the first one. (except it brought out those ah romance feelings I try to keep at bay...)

    I also love Sophie Kinsella and your friend Jen is right, Jennifer Weiner is fabulous. I saw her at Joseph Beth doing a reading once and she was amazing and so delightful. :)

  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of Lost! My hubby and I are re-watching all of the episodes and we just started on season 2. Just a warning: Season 2 gets a bit frustrating because it slows down a lot. Don't give up on it!

    You won't believe what's in the hatch! Oh my gosh!

    And Twilight rocks. I want to be at the midnight party but I'll be at church camp. I'm thinking of sneaking away to Wal-Mart, but I'd have to drive through the canyon in the dark, and it might be better to wait until morning.

  8. I love LOST!! Have fun catching up... p.s. I am up-to-date and I still don't 'get it'! :)