Friday, July 25, 2008


Did I tell you all that Nick is out of town for work? Well, Surprise, he's gone until Monday, so I am on my own for a few days (needles and everything). He left yesterday so I spent the evening having dinner with my parents and sister, then watched three episodes of Lost...god I am falling in love with that show. After the third creepy episode I decided I needed something a little lighter before I attempted to sleep in the empty house. I had 10 Things I Hate About You on the DVR because I am loving Heath Ledger after seeing him in Batman. I thought I would watch the first twenty minutes or so, but I ended up staying up until two am and finishing the entire movie. I may or may not have cried a little when she read her poem at the end...

I am off work today, but unfortunately plagued by a TERRIBLE headache. I don't have headaches often, but this one started last night in the second episode of Lost and really hasn't gone all the way away since. They told us that it is the most common side effect of the Lupron, so I am blaming it on that. I did spend the morning with my friend's little girl, and really enjoyed watching some Monsters Inc. You gotta love when a child is addicted to a movie you actually enjoy! I was thinking of going to the pool, or of calling up some friends. Doing something fun this evening like dinner or drinks, but now I am leaning more towards making this delicious sounding little dish from the Pioneer Woman with some Zucchini from my garden (That's right people! We are actually able to EAT food that we grew in our garden...I am so amazed), and maybe doing a little reading....Maybe some more Lost...maybe some more Heath if I can find it on TV. Anything that does not require me getting dressed or leaving the house and will take my mind of this headache.

Clearly I know how to have a good time when I am alone!

PS. I am DEFINITELY not eating icing out of the container. No way would I do that...


  1. I had bad headaches with lupron too, especially this last cycle where I also did the depot lupron shot. What helped me out was taking a couple of extra strength excedrin. You should give that a try.

    I know what you mean about food from your garden! We planted tomatoes, green chiles and jalapenos, and the chiles and jalapenos have been great! The tomatoes will be ready in about a week or so.

  2. I've had a headache for 4 days now. I take Tylenol (apparently you're not supposed to take ibuprofen), it recedes, and returns a few hours later. Ugh! The mother of all headaches. The nurse at my clinic told me if it gets too bad they'll prescribe a little estrogen.

    I didn't get around to a vegetable garden this year, but I do have an herb garden that I love!

  3. You sound just like me when J is gone. And eating the icing out of the mean that's not how everyone eats it?? I also dip apples in straight marshmellow creme...yum.

    Hope your head feel better soon!

  4. You are just a few notches ahead of me on the IVF journey -- thanks for letting me know what to look out for! Hope the headache gets better . . . .

  5. I am sure those medicines are doing a number on you but maybe don't lay around watching tv so much because that could give you a headache even without the meds. Keep busy. I know that is terrble of me to say with having the wekend to yourself to relax but you may feel better to move around.

  6. Start reading that Sophie Kinsella book and you won't be able to put it down. I read it until 2 am. I wish I had another one of her books to read right now. :( Enjoy it for me -- it's so yummy!

    THat is if you can bear reading with such a headache. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. :(

  7. I watched 10 Things I Hate About You. I was in Perth when they had Heath's funeral and I was staying very close to his parents and poor them, they couldn't even organise a funeral for their son with all the media attention on them.

    Sorry about the headache. I hope u're feeling better today!