Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not Such a Bad Day

I had planned to write a post tonight about how annoying my day was. About how the power went out at our house in the night so I woke up twenty minutes before I needed to be at work. How I was bleeding and cramping AGAIN and had to call the doctor. How I had to actually go in for another pelvic ultrasound and how the woman said "I can't believe I have never scanned you" and I said, "Oh no, I have had ultrasounds here. Maybe they are under my maiden name" and then she said "ahhh hahaha...yes, I can see you have had LOTS of ultrasounds. Looks like it is just the other girl that always does them." She was very nice, and I really liked her, but it just made me feel a little down. She thinks it is HILARIOUS how many times I get ultrasounds??

Then I waited to see the doctor for over an hour. I finally (FINALLY) got back in the room and the nurse says, "Well...I can see you have called A LOT. Let me read all of these. It will take a minute". I was immediately stung. I wanted to point out that I called on Thursday because I was in terrible pain. I called on Friday because THEY TOLD ME TO. And I called week after this started, because I am STILL bleeding. I didn't say anything. I let her read the notes. She seem busy and overwhelmed and I didn't want to be the hateful patient that snapped back. When the doc came in he told me I have several more cysts, and that they are not big enough to be concerned with, but they could also burst, cause pain and bleeding...same old story. He said that he was sorry and that he would give me more medicine (which I don't need). I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything big because I am going out of town. I am happy to know it isn't, but it just sucks that this is how it is.

So...I was GOING to stop the post there and be all like woe is me. Then I got a call from the second pharmacy. The one with the three final prescriptions for the IVF (first half the the Rx story is here). She said I had a balance of....$80. I thought she would say for one medicine, but no. That was it. Total. I asked how much the medicine would cost me if my insurance was not covering it. She laughed and said "A lot!" She told me that one of the drugs usually runs around $2000, but that Doc had put me on a higher dose and that mine was $3400...for just ONE of the medicines! The other two would have brought my total up over $4000. I paid a grand total of $117 for all my meds. I gotta say, saving $4000 kinda takes the sting out of this bad day!


  1. Oh, I am glad your day ended on a good note, but I am sorry that you had a cranky nurse. Some people just
    do not think before speaking and do
    not realize how hurtful and annoying their words can be. People like that
    annoy me, especially when they hurt my friends!!

    You take care and know I am always rooting for you! xoxoxo

  2. 1) Yay! I see your ads are up! Disregard what I said in the email then.

    2) I'm so sorry that your days was yucky. But hey, saving 4,000 would make anyone happy!

    3) I just have to rant for a second that people who work in any sort of service industry SHOULD NEVER BE RUDE TO THE PEOPLE THEY SERVE. It irritates me beyond all irritation. I can't believe she was rude to you -- I worked customer service for 5 years and no matter how irritated I was, or HOW BAD my day was, I was NEVER NEVER NEVER rude. If you can't find it in you to be nice, then CHANGE PROFESSIONS. Sorry, it's just my pet peeve.

    Ok, well I feel better now that I've said that kthxbye. :)

  3. I hear you! I was THRILLED when I learned my insurance covered the fertility drugs. It was a HUGE weight lifted!

  4. Wow! What a blessing to not have to pay for all of those meds. I'm sorry to hear about your cysts. I'm also sorry that the nurse was a punk. Sometimes I think they are numb to our emotions. I understand that they need to be that way, but they should still be kind and sensitive toward the patients.

  5. That is great news, for a bit of perspective, you paid FAR less for all those meds, than we did for 20 minutes with a doctor who told us she would't help us!

  6. boo abbout the cysts-----------
    Hooray for the cost of meds!!!!

  7. ah, who cares what the nurse thinks. i hate getting those nurses or doctors that just makes me feel bad about myself.

    thank goodness for good health care plans!

    happy 4th!