Monday, July 14, 2008

The Little Changes

While we were in Florida I caught myself noticing myself and Nick several times. How we still love to play with each other. We laugh and tease and still truly enjoy each others company. I thought back to how we were at this same beach together seven years ago and how really, nothing seemed that different. Sure, we have both gone up a couple of sizes in bathing suits and we (okay I) have some gray hair, but really, we have managed to hold on to so much joy in our relationship over the past nine and a half years. We love being together, laughing and holding hands. Experiencing new things and sharing in memories. We just seem...the same, even with the passing of time and all of our triumphs and heart aches.

Then we went to his grandma's. I distinctly remember stopping there on our way down to Florida seven years ago. I remember that we sat down on the couch and Grandma looked at my hand. I had a small opal ring on my left ring finger and she was just so excited to see we were getting married. We were not engaged. I did not wear a ring on that finger again for about six years until we were actually engaged...

I also remember that Grandma let us sleep in the same room. She put us in the room with two twin beds. I remember so clearly that Nick and I rearranged the room so that we could push the twin beds together. I have no idea if Grandma told us we could do it, but we just felt like we HAD to sleep right beside each other! Couldn't stand to sleep eight feet apart!! HORROR!! When we got to Grandma's on Friday night she showed us to our room. It was a new house, but we were back in the room with two twin beds. We both looked at them, and said "AWESOME! We each get our own!!" No need to push them together. We were perfectly happy for the two nights with out own space. I guess a few things do change over time...


  1. Awww... I need to remember men like Nick and relationships like yours when I feel bitter and skeptical about love. Very sweet.