Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home Safe

Well Nick is home safe and sound! He has such an intense fear of flying that it actually makes me nervous for him to be in a plane. I know it is how phobias work, but he just seems so SURE that he will die in a plane crash...needless to say I breathed a sigh of relief when he called from the airport at 11:30. He made it back to the house around one in the morning, so it made for a late night. He is now home enjoying a much needed day off work!

I officially started my period yesterday. This is basic hell for me with my endo, but for the first time in a long time I was excited to see it. They made it very clear in our informational session that if we do not start our period this week, we do not get to do our IVF in August. It makes since. They want everything to go according to plan, but that would just suck to be so ready and then have it canceled. I was happy that isn't something we will have to worry about (at least for this reason...unfortunately they can be canceled at any point along the way...). Along with the period has come the cramping, the back aches and the nausea. Toss that in with my constant head ache from the Lupron and I am a real pleasure. I broke down and called the nurse to ask about the pain medicine. They had said to try to take only Tylenol during the informational session, but I needed to know how important it actually was. Like should I miss work because of the pain? She said that it would be 100% fine for me to take the Lortabs while I was on my period, so that was a HUGE relief. It took me from near tears to completely manageable pain in about forty five minutes. Let's just hope this is the last period I have to deal with for a LONG time!


  1. Glad your hubby is home -- that tends to make everything better! Sorry you're struggling with your period. Endo is the absolute pits. Hope the Lortabs keep doing the trick! Looks like we'll be about a week behind you on the IVF cycle. Here we go?!

  2. Yes, having your DH at home right now when you need him is the best!

    Sorry about the endo shits. I had it for years and didn't even know I had it!!!

    Thinking of you!!!!


  3. Sarah, I'm a therapist and an airline captain who has worked with people on flying problems for twenty-eight years.

    This being so SURE his plane will crash comes from a sequence that goes like this. First, he imagines the plane crashing. When first imagining it, he knows he is imagining it. But if he continues to do this for several days, the imagination becomes MEMORIZED. Once it is memorized, when it then comes into his mind, it comes without any of the mental work imagination requires, so it seems like an omen.

    Anxiety like he has is unhealthy; it wrecks the immune system. Please ask him to look to the video on the cause and cure of fear of flying at http://www.fearofflying.com/video_hs.shtml

    And good luck on the IVF; my next-door neighbor is a doctor who teaches doctors INV at Yale.

  4. Thank God for Loratab. Thats all I could take after I had Audrey because all pain meds make me so sick.

    I'm so glad you can take something for the pain -- I don't know how you could manage with constant, almost unbearable pain.

    If it's any consolation, I have endo too, and my periods were horrible. I used to always joke that if God was giving me periods that horrible then at least I knew that He was gonna give me a break with the whole childbirth thing.

    And ya know what? Labor hurt a whole helluva lot less than my cramps did. Whaddya know? See, there is an upside. So if you can do that, you've got the whole childbirth thing down pat.