Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Really Real

I was talking with Raising A & C yesterday over email and she asked me how the fertility stuff was going. I told her that honestly, I knew in my head that it was happening, but really, if felt more like one of those things you SAY you are going to do...and then never get around to. It should be real. We have the appointments set. We know our time table, hell we are on top of our time table. We have the medications ordered. We are rolling. It's just that it doesn't FEEL like anything is happening. I am on birth control. I mean, that takes me back to WAY before this all began, and that is the only medication I am on. I have no idea what I am doing or when I take these shots and pills. It's just...something in the future. Or at least...until today. Today I got these in the mail...

Three medications for injections (Leuprolide, Follistrim and Chronic Gonad) and four medications in capsules (Prometrium, Tramadol, Prednisone and Doxycycline ) plus a TON of needles. A frightening number of needles...a frightening number of medications considering I think they will all be gone in a month. A MONTH!

Nick and I go in for our meeting with the IVF coordinator a week from tomorrow. She will go over exactly what the hell I do with all these meds, and then that same day (July 23rd) we begin the injections. I am so happy I had the chance to get away on vacation before this started. A chance to not have to think about it. But now, now I am ready to get rolling. Now it is really starting to feel real!

**anybody out there know why I am not on progesterone? I can ask the doc next week, but I was a little surprised it was not on the list. I guess there are enough other things here that I wont really miss it...**


  1. I'm glad you went on vacation before this too. I can't imagine having to pack all those meds as well.

  2. From reading maybebaby just the other day I think it's a good idea to quadruple check that you have all the correct syringes for each med.

    My totally amateur guess as to why you've not been given progesterone - you don't need it.
    You've probably been tested CD21 (or so) for levels, and it's probably been hunky dory!

    Very best of luck.

  3. holy cow, girl! that is alot of meds...

    strange that i would ask to see a pic of your infected arm but i don't want to see one of the syringes.

    hooray for that vacation.

    welcome back ....

  4. I received a similar box and I totally freaked out. Sure, we had injection training and the nurse reviewed the meds, but I felt so overwhelmed when I saw the big box o'meds.

  5. OMG, that really is a lot of stuff!! But it will be TOTALLY worth it!! Looking forward to seeing you Friday!

  6. Good luck! I think prometrium is progesterone. Am I wrong?

  7. Holy crap! That's a lot of... uh.... stuff? Drugs? What should I even call it? Best of luck with all of that. I hope you have a happy outcome!

  8. Erin is right. Prometrium is progesterone. Looks like you are getting suppositories and not injectable PIO. Lucky girl! It saves you like 15 needles....looooooong needles.