Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I Learned at a Country Bar

This summer seems to just be flying by. We have not been seeing our friends as much as summers past, not having cookouts and heading out to patios for dinner and drinks. It is usually such a summer staple, and yet this year it has just gotten away from us. Money is of course part of the issue. Who isn't struggling with money right now, and with our IVF costs, an easy place to cut were those weekends out for dinner and drinks which between food, drinks and covers will easily cost $75 for the night. So it turns out we have let our summer weekly outings turn more into special occasion events. Last night was one of those special occasions that drug us all out of our houses and into a pretty great night.

My sister in law Candice celebrated her birthday last night. She has her heart set on a fun filled night at our local country bar. This is the point in the post where I would tell you all about the evening in's what I do...but alas I was to lazy to cut into that annoying plastic container that my new memory card came in, so I had no working camera. Yes, I had the card, Just refused to open it. That is truly the height of lazy...anyway, since I will be telling you of the evening with my sweet words, I figure I will go for it in bullet form. Here is my list of things I learned while at a country bar...

  • no matter how much you act like you could take or leave country music, when you walk into the bar and keep bobbing you head to the music or saying "oooo...I love this song!" you will give away your secret obsession with country and let everyone know you are truly in you element...and loving every second of it.
  • The best idea for a bar ever is to give out free popcorn. Sounds strange? I agree. Still, it's food, which is always a big plus, AND it makes you super thirsty, therefore resulting in the consumption of a much higher quantity of beer. Someone out there is a genius.
  • The second best idea for a bar is to add a couple of pool tables to the back. This will allow the group of men dragged out to the country bar to have something to entertain them and let them forget their hatred of country music and start actually enjoying themselves.
  • Nick is apparently really good at pool. Or at least he was when I was watching, which was for all of two shots...two very impressive shots!
  • If a guy jumps up on the counter to single you out and ask you to dance, even though you are at the back corner of your table, it is okay to realize he had balls for asking and be just a touch flattered at the attempt. Still it is best to flash the wedding ring and say, "thanks, but I am married..." Then point out your husband who is making amazing pool shots.
  • My dear friend Charing taught me that the act of saying yes to the guy will result in twenty years of "remember when you danced with that guy..." Clearly I made the right move.
  • Some girls will definitely give you to much information in the bathroom. For example you might hear that she is wearing her "my boyfriend just cheated on me" shoes which she is hoping will help her get laid (we have a different name for those shoes) and she was at the gym three times TODAY.
  • I would never in a million years go to a gym three times in a day. A boyfriend or husband cheating will not change my lazy bone. Boo pointed out she would, possibly, visit McDonalds three times a day. I would maybe visit the candy store...maybe the liquor store... but definitely not the gym.
  • No matter how many times you tell the story of the girl in the red heals wanting to get laid to your single guy friend, he will not approach her and tell her he likes her shoes and ask her to dance.
  • He will be amazed with the amount of information that was retrieved in the bathroom.
  • When dancing to the live band, Do not stand with your back to the giant fan that in cooling down the dance floor. Wind blown from behind is not a great look.
  • People really love their line dances. And I love watching the people that are SOO into me endless joy.
  • Hiding your purse in the trunk is a good idea. Going out to the parking lot to check in the purse for something, then being hustled for cash is not fun at all.
  • Near closing time people may bring their dog into the bar and play fetch. I find this awesome.
  • Two am comes fast when you are having fun with your friends...ten am comes even faster when you have to work the next morning.
  • Last thing I learned....time out with good friends is always worth the time and money. We had a blast. Happy Birthday Miss Candice! Thanks for dragging us all out for a night at the bar!


  1. We call those "come hither" shoes in my neck of the woods. Every girl should have some, even if she never wears them. This was a highly entertaining post -- I enjoyed it! Sounds like a great time!

  2. Sarah, you amuse me to no end! I had no idea there was a bar in town that let you bring your dog in!! Keep up the good work!! :)