Friday, June 27, 2008

A Bust

So night before last I had...and incident. Nick was at his sleep study to test him with the machine. It did not go well. He said there was no way he could sleep and came home at 4:30. Anyway, When Nick is gone I have a hard time falling asleep. I am not afraid, but I guess I am a touch anxious. Anyway, I was up pretty late, and I was exhausted. I had high hopes of just passing out. I get into the bed, roll over...and it hits me. This TERRIBLE pain in my abdomen. I immediately pull my legs up because it seemed like it might help. I could hardly stand as I made my way to the bathroom. I thought maybe I had some kind of food poisoning, but I didn't feel that kinda sick. I went back to bed, got my heating pad and my pain medicine and laid back down.

The pain was extremely similar to when I am in the throws on my period with my endometriosis cramping, but I just got off my period on Saturday and started the BC on Sunday. It is day FIVE of this cycle! I seriously rolled around the idea of the ER. I mean, who's to say that one of these days I am not going to have serious abdominal pain, take pain meds and go to sleep, and then have my appendix burst! I decided to take my pain meds, and stay awake to see if the pain gets worse. It remained constant (and hurt so bad I couldn't set my hands on my stomach... seriously, it was terrible) but I eventually passed out at four.

Yesterday morning I started bleeding. What. the. hell. I called my fertility doc, but he was out of town. Then I called my regular GYN. The nurse seemed very concerned and actually called the doc in surgery! He said that with my history of cysts, and with all the hormones I had been on, that he was pretty sure I had a nice large cyst develop, then the BC repressed all hormones...therefor making THE CYST BURST. It all fit. The sudden sharp horrible pain, the lingering dull pain, the bleeding. He said if I am not better today to call and he wants to see me, but he really thinks it is a cyst burst, so to rest and take my pain medications (and rest I did...I came home and got in bed at 5:30...Nick woke me up and I ate dinner at 10:30, then went back to bed until morning). I am feeling better. I am sure he was right. Still, how much can one girl take. I mean, I get the endo, which sucks. Then the endo leads to infertility, which sucks. NOW the infertility is leading to terrible pain as cysts rupture in the night? There has to be a limit where things just officially become unfair...


  1. oh man...

    rest up... so sorry you are having such a difficult time with all the meds and now this.

  2. That sounds so awful! I hope you're okay!

  3. I'm so sorry. I have both endo and cysts (PCOS).
    I have had several times where I've been on the floor, unable to move for 30 minutes waiting for pain meds to kick in. Luckily my hubby has been around those times to get me my pain meds. I don't know what I would have done if I had been alone.
    Sorry you have to go through this. :(