Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Really Needed?

So I have started back on birth control, which typically wouldn't be worth talking about. Here's the thing...they gave me free samples of some new kind of birth control. I am all about free samples, so I was thrilled. I then noticed on the package that it says "Chewable". Seriously? Chewable birth control? I mean, who exactly are they appealing to here? Anybody who has ever taken or even seen a birth control pill knows that they are absolutely the smallest pill available. Smaller than a tic tac. So really, who on early can't seem to swallow one of these things??

The nurse told me that they were indeed chewable, but that it was not required to chew them...just swallowing would work fine. I, of course, could not fight the curiosity so when I took my first pill on Sunday I was forced to chew. I mean, it could have been delicious! It could have been so filling that I needed no breakfast...well, no it couldn't have, but it could have been delicious like my chewable daily vitamin (yes I do actually take chewable daily vitamins and they are tops, but a daily vitamin is a horse pill and it hurt my little throat). This was not fruit flavored, but rather mint flavored. It was tiny so when I bit down it got stuck to my teeth, which then made me extremely paranoid about brushing my teeth for fear of brushing away the all important hormone...so, from now on I will be swallowing my chewable birth control whole. I am just struggling to see the point of it of it being chewable in the first place...guess someone made millions on the patent...


  1. 1. My Zomig are "dissolvable" and I love it. Makes them work much faster for migraines. But I don't see the point with a birth control pill, especially a small one!

    2. I take a chewable vitamin every night (FINALLY figured out what was upsetting my stomach every morning when I took them in the morning - pregnancy crossed my mind. God.) and also take chewable calcium, both of which are fabulous.

  2. That is hilarious! How many chews does one need for a pill that small?

  3. that is too funny! indeed why make it chewable? it's not like they need to appeal to any 'younger' crowds.

  4. cinnamon flavour like Big Red?

  5. Yup, I heard about that from another blogger who also questioned it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! BTW, you have a cool blog header.