Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Pool

My entire life I wanted a pool. I have clear memories of driving our neighbors who actually had a pool completely mad begging to go swimming...Come to think of it, that is a little embarrassing. I guess they knew what they were getting in to when they became the only house on the street with I blame them really. Anyway, today was the day we got to go swimming in this...
Nick's dad has put in an in ground pool at his house. All my childhood dreams have come true! I have lived in apartments with pools, and I used them. They are nice, but there is something about having your very own pool. (Or your father in law having his very own pool because Nick and I are far from putting one in ourselves...)
We of course brought Ellie with us so she could try it out as well. She was all about the diving board. Not jumping off it...just sitting there while we swam up to her and said hi. She did eventually get in, but preferred to float around the pool on a raft rather than actually swim.
Yes we spoil her and may be ready for a baby, but the entire family has a pretty great day at the pool!


  1. Looks like you all had a great day. What a princess Ellie is.

  2. We are also pool twins then! I am dying to have a pool put in at our house. I wanted one my whole life. My dad always said no (then he moved away, got remarried, told me he couldn't pay for my college tuition anymore, and put in a in-ground pool -- but I'm not bitter kthxbye) so now I'm harassing my hubby for one. One day I'll have one. Unfortunately it's no day soon. :)

    That is a super nice pool by the way. I would be over there several times per week!

  3. My mom has an above-ground pool (bot very exciting) and we float her dogs around on loungers all the time. It's hilarious.

  4. such a nice pool! if only i have one, i'll be in it all the time (weather permitting of course...)

    happy monday!

  5. I'm w/Ellie. I 100% prefer just hovering above the water. :)

  6. Thanks for the kind words...give Ellie some tummy rubs from me!!

  7. So cool that you have access to a private pool.

    All you need now is a cabana boy.