Thursday, June 12, 2008


So on my way home for lunch today (did I ever tell you that I live one mile from my work? Most likely I didn't because then you would be all like, you could totally walk! You really should ride a bike! but I drive my SUV, because, well, it's faster, and I then have time to run to Target on my lunch, and THEN come home to eat and save money...genius) the subject, but on my way home for lunch, I ran into Target because I had called and they said they had some Wii Fits in stock!
So clearly I bought one. (see that girl on the front doing yoga? that will totally be me.) But then...I got to thinking. First off, my cousin really wants one too., they are really hard to find right? And people are selling them on eBay and turning a decent

I bought all they had. Which was only three, but they still had to call the manager to see if I could take them all, and I did have to carry them all three out to the car by myself and got lots of evil and confused looks as I speed walked with my arms burning like molten lava all the way out into the parking lot. ( I wonder if the Wii Fit has an arm toning workout?) You may be wondering why I didn't use a cart. That is a good question. I kinda sorta ran into the store. I had this fear that in the time it took me to get the cart, I would see the last one walk out the door. Then they checked me out in electronics and I said, "I might need to run and get a cart!' and the clerk said, "Oh no. You can totally carry all three. They aren't heavy!" Listen buddy, if I was all fit, I wouldn't NEED the Wii Fit! They might not be heavy to you, but DEAR GOD I am not sure I will make it to the car!! ( I did make it...obviously)

Still, I cannot complain about my new favorite store. God bless you Target. Not only do you provide me with a bathing suit and some new tops. You have now also given me the key to my workout plans (so I will look better in said bathing suit and tank tops) as well as a way to make a little extra money. Score!


  1. Well, DUH. If you were already fit enough to not need a cart, you wouldn't be buying WiiFit.

  2. How much is the Wii Fit? I'm hoping to review one on my site soon -- you'll have to let me know if you like it and if you think it will convince me to excercise. I hate to excercise -- I enjoy the benefits of how I feel afterwards, but I hate the process. If it's fun though, I'll do it.

  3. you're going to LOVE it! i'll post pix of my daughter playing it tomorrow. you need to take pix too. it is totally clean fun and hilarious!

    btw, the yoga thing isnt' as fun as the more active ones like soccer or skiing...


  4. I love all things Target. All things.

  5. this won't burn fat. Go gym is rather a wise solution. Haha.. anyway, this is more for fun and enjoyment moment. Wish to own one :D