Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spoke to Soon

Remember how just yesterday I was all like, " only a little emotional issues..." riiiiiight. Lie. Well, it wasn't a lie as much as it was a statement made about two minutes to early. So sad when that happens.... So as soon as I hit publish on the post I jumped up to throw on my shoes and hit the door for work. It was going to be a really busy day and I wanted to get rolling right away. As I walk to fill up my to go cup of coffee, I notice all these Reese's wrappers on the table. (let me tell you, I have NO IDEA how those got there...I mean, there is NO WAY Nick and I sit around at night and eat bags of candy...I mean, if we did that, then how could be ever complain when we put on a few pounds...*sigh*) Anyway, I grab up the empty wrappers because someone had eaten several of them, and I toss them in the trash.

This is when the story takes an emotional turn. Right as I toss, I hear this little "tink". so I think to myself that that sure did sound like metal on metal, and what on earth would be made of metal in the Reese's wrappers...and then it hits me. Nick's wedding ring! His wedding ring that is actually passed down from his grandfather...and I have just thrown it away!! Now, I am sure you are all thinking that this is no reason to panic. I mean, I do KNOW I have done it. I just need to grab a second trash bag and begin the slow transfer as I search for the tiny gold ring. In hind sight, this sounds very logical. I instead went with the option of starting to cry. WHY?? There is no need for tears! But the tears came. Tears of joy that I had made a chicken pot pie the night before so there were cans in the trash, tears of frustration that I was going to be late to work, tears of annoyance with us for not getting the stupid ring sized so it stays on his finger...just tears.

Then, yesterday evening I am checking my email. I get one from my friend Arielle. No big deal, a forward. One of those "tell people how much they mean to you" kinda forwards...and it had this story for this dad telling his son how much he loves him and then his son said he had planned to commit suicide that night, but his dad saved him...with his kind kind words! and I gotta tell ya, I read those forwards and usually think, "well that's nice..." but this one....this time...the tears begin again! I would bet money these people were not even real. It isn't like I KNOW them...and yet I cry for their sad sad story...and for their happy ending....and yes, I am going to have to say that the hormones and the steroids are most definitely starting to get to me...just a little...


  1. ah... i remember the emotional roller coaster.

    hang in there, it's all for a VERY good cause!

    we're here for ya!

    now go buy more reese...

  2. let it all out---cry if you want. We are all here for you

  3. ok so I read your blog :) and i'm sorry the email made you cry! let me know if i can do anything to help you feel better

  4. It could be worse. You could be like this all of the time. :( I assume you found his ring?