Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting (Wii) Fit

I have a problem with exercise. Seriously, I was blessed to have been a naturally thin child and young adult and I believe this little gift made me extremely lazy when it comes to making myself work out. Yes I ran track in middle school (covered that in my 100 things...) but that is about the end of my athletic achievements. Over the years I made several attempts to get fit. I will share the list with you in bullet form...

  • I joined a gym back around the time I first started to put on a little weight. I felt that I could nip this problem right in the bud....take control! I went all out when joining this gym, so rather than just go with a month to month plan...I signed up and paid in advance for an entire year...and I paid even more because I wanted the lifetime members discount to go along with it. Pay more now, then pay less FOREVER!! Genius. I believe I used my membership religiously for a few weeks, while hating every second of it. I then only showed my face at the gym for the tanning bed. I never went in for the next years discounted rate, and when I recently had the small desire to being working out again, I noticed my gym has closed sad.

  • I decided to take up swimming. I was laying out a lot over the summer at a friends pool, so I bought myself some goggles...because I was really serious about this. I was going to swim thirty laps a day to start. Ten each of breast stroke, back stroke and free style. I was on the swim team for about a week when I was little, so I knew the routine. If I remember correctly I made it down and back one time before climbing out of the pool and getting back to laying out. I have not had the goggles back on since. I do still keep them in my pool bag just in case I get the urge could happen.

  • I decided I was going to become a runner. (this one is maybe three months old). We have a 5K run here in our city on the 4th of July, so I was going to begin training and then run in the race. One day I got all my workout clothes on, did a little stretching, set my ipod to the "get pumped" play list and hit the pavement. I made it about 60 seconds into the first song before I had to hit the inhaler. I managed to do a 60 seconds running, two minutes walking and catching my breath rotation for a full 30 minutes! I was very proud of my start to a lifetime of running. I never ran again...

So...when I got the Wii Fit I was pumped. Super pumped...but I gotta tell ya, I have been pumped about exercise before. Then I get started actually working out and realize it is really fucking hard work!! I thought there was a small chance that I might actually enjoy the Wii Fit because it was in my own home, therefore requiring little extra effort, and it was interactive. I must say that I was totally right. I LOVE the Wii Fit. I have worked out more in the past two weeks than I have since that final county championship in eighth grade.

I am seriously addicted. The game has four options for workout: yoga, strength exercises, aerobics, and balance. I do the yoga everyday. It isn't that stressful on my body, but I can definitely tell a difference from just the two weeks of use! I then try to rotate the aerobics (which seriously...the advance step and the super hula hoop...I am totally out of breath and in need of an inhaler...sad but true) and the strength training (which...a push up..I simply cannot do one...and on some of them I am shaking so bad I would be HORRIFIED for anyone but Nick to see it. He has been nice enough to keep the laughing to a minimum:) ) but I really enjoy the aerobics so much more than the strength training, so I am kinda drawn in that direction. They also have balance exercises, which are really fun, but honestly not a workout in the same way as the rest.

So, the point is that I love it. I am using it for at least thirty minutes a day, and I really think we will both continue to use it. An added perk to the entire thing is that we have had people over a few times since we bought it, and it is really fun with a group too! You haven't seen anything until you see a fairly drunk average size guy swinging his hips like mad trying to get to 800 rotations on Super Hula Hoop! I love it. Nick loves it. It was worth every penny of the $90. If you have a Wii, got out and get one! If you don't have a Wii...pick that up too. Hours and hours of healthy entertainment!

**Chic Shopper Chick...does this sound familiar? Yes, you inspired this entire post with our emails....thanks!!

**I should also mention that Boo also joined the gym with the lifetime membership (with some pushing from me) and bought a pair of goggles for the laps...what we try, we try together!


  1. Sounds like fun! Something I couldn't mind trying. Unfortunately, we sold our Wii as it was an impluse purchase I got put into my walking boot right after getting it. Oh well, maybe one day. But good for you!! That's exciting!

  2. So sad but completely true and while I was reading this I thought..."Sold, I've got to tell Chris we have to get a Wii immediately!!" Wow!

  3. I just had to tell you that, when I see your blog update in Google Reader in the midst of all the other blogs, I SAVE IT. Save it for last because it is such a treat to read.

    And also? I had a tennis racket for years in college because I was definitely going to take up tennis and get IN SHAPE. My yoga DVD is on the DVD player and is sorta dusty. I have walked on our in-home treadmill approximately once in the last six months.

    I think I need a Wii too.

  4. glad to hear that you love your wii fit! now if only i can get on it for 30 minutes a day...

  5. Ooooh, my parents have a wii and just got wii fit. I've been looking forward to trying it out. I love love love yoga and aerobics!

  6. Hahha -- I was reading this thinking ... hmmm this sounds familiar! I feel special, I got a sneak preview! :) I am still working on the Wii -- hoping to have one within the next month -- then I can tackle the Wii Fit. Since we seem to have similar workout issues, I'm hoping I'll have similar success!

    Ooh I can't wait. :)

  7. Thanks for the tip!

    My story is similar, except I never ran track. Kudos to you!

  8. I need a wii fit very badly. Of course, I need a wii first. But still.

  9. Heh, I wonder if you happened to go to a certain gym right next to TGI Friday's...

    I did exactly what you did, but stopped going because their daycare room was like Lord of the Flies. That, and they wouldn't fix one of the treadmills that was missing screws and unsafe. No thanks.

    Good on you for getting a Wii Fit! If it's that awesome, I might have to get one.