Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wedding Details

So we had a wonderful time at the wedding last night. I kinda thought we were kidding about the cooler, but the groomsman definitely didn't...I did hear that the groom told them to do it, so that makes it all okay in my book! Not that much drinking actually occurred because the wedding had a wonderful flow to it and we were enjoying the celebrations the entire evening. When the wedding was over we moved the post wedding festivities to our house where somehow we managed to drink a lot more of the Tom Collins in the cooler and play some Wii Fit until past two in the morning. Which, yes I love and yes I think I will be able to actually work out on. I have already gone down 1.1 lbs, which is something, AND I am totally addicted to playing. Raising A & C is right that I need to post some pictures of this game play because seriously...some things like the hola hoop and the step aerobics are true sights to behold...I will eventually share the images, but for now, it is wedding pictures! (settle know how I love weddings...)Here is Jessica and her dad coming down the aisleA little blurry, but you get the idea...This was suppose to be Matt and Jessica coming down the aisle, but I was having aisle issuesBad aisle's AndyTerrible issues...NickBy the time Ryan came down I had it under control.The reception was extremely nice. The food was wonderful! here is a pic of the groomsmenAnd Me and NickRyan and ArielleThere was Cake...which Nick said was going to be Neapolitan....and I was like, "yeah right" and then it WAS...oh course. I went with the chocolate layer. It was scrumptious.There was cake cutting and toasts...There was dancingNick got pretty creative with the dancing pictures...And the tossing of the garter...Ryan nor Andy came up with the prize. Nick was please to be sitting that tradition out!One of me and Nick where you can see my entire cute dress...which honestly I am a little disappointed in because it seems to not photograph well...or maybe I am not photographing well (*sigh*)...hard to say. I will be wearing the dress again next Saturday to a wedding, so we will give it another try! (also, note the adorable black and wicker shoes...the love...)One more of the guys....

And the wedding was done!


  1. The secret is out....Nick looks more relaxed, happy and social when he is out with his crew only. Don't worry we will still love him even though we now know he is forced to be with the whole group. Seriously, it looks like you all had a great weekend.

  2. You are crazy! He loves being with everyone!! He just has a few drinks in him in most of these pictures...and one of his childhood friends was getting married! Silly, silly charing...

  3. great dress! i think you look just beautiful in it!

    i love that picture of the bride and groom dancing in the background and the hurricane candle in the front.

    did you try soccer or ski jump on wii fit yet? those are my daughter's favorites!

  4. I LOVE that dress! And the cake looks
    sooo yummy. :)