Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So once the tears were under control yesterday (which took the better part of the morning and a trip home from Nick to give me a much needed hug) I decided it seemed like a great idea to go shopping. No better therapy, right?? Boo and I were actually on a hunt for Wii Fit because, well...I think it sounds genius. I am wanting to start working out and lose a little weight, and Wii Fit is my entire weight loss/fitness plan. You see then how I am annoyed with the fact that I cannot begin my new healthy lifestyle because the damn thing is sold out all over town. I keep going places only to hear, "ooooo...we had four this morning, but they are gone!" So close...

Anyway, on a rumor that Target might have a Wii Fit, Boo and I rushed over there to see. They were sold out, but I remembered that I needed a bathing suit while I was there! Now, bathing suit shopping doesn't really sound like something to pull a girl out of a depression, but for me shopping is shopping and I was willing to give it a go. I have always been a bikini girl, but with my new added weight I have developed a little bit of a self confidence issue. All previous bikini's were pretty small. Tie string sides, triangle know the ones. This time I wasn't ready to roll into the full piece/tankini, although I gave it SERIOUS thought. I noted how all four of the women in Sex and the City wore a full covering suit, and then Boo bought one, and the Dooce bought one, and THEN Chic Shopper Chick bought I rolled the idea around for a while, but with my long frame I wanted to give a bikini another go.

I ended up finding a perfect chocolate brown two piece. The bottoms are full covering, which I love. I almost went with the boy short ones, but I thought these kinda looked better. I then got two tops, one halter, one tube top, but both were fully covering and will stay on. I love that the suit is just solid brown. I wasn't really feeling the bright patterns screaming "Look at me!! I am bigger than I have ever been!!!" I am thinking this suit will look good with a tan, it is flattering on, and it was cheap. All very strong selling points!

After finding the perfect suit, I turned my attention to the tops. Do you all know how cute Targets clothes are?? I live and die by outlet mall shopping, so I don't really shop at Target often. I have heard on other blogs that say it is a dream come true (and my aunt says Walmart is as well, but I haven't really tried there...I did look for a swimming suit there, and the small tops were to big (sigh) and the large bottoms really didn't fit right...which might or might not mean they were to small) so I thought I would try to find some simple tank tops. Oh people, the love. They have nice loose, long shirts! And they are cheap! Like $7.99 cheap. For that price I can throw them away at the end of the summer and still be thrilled. I just need some clothes that don't cling, and that I can be comfortable in. I have several of the new "empire" shirts, but I feel so maternity in them. They are cute, but I feel like I am trying to hide something (which I am) or that I am pretending to be pregnant (which I try to avoid...). These new shirts are a nice happy medium. They don't look maternity. They do look comfortable (and okay, I am wearing one right now and it IS comfortable!). I believe I will be living in them all I just need some bottoms...


  1. Shopping = the best possible mood enhancer.

    Better than any drug or alcohol.

    I wonder why they don't advertise it that way?

    Mark is also trying to find one of those stupid WiiFit games, so if you find one, get two. He wants me to find it on Ebay but I don't want to mess with it!!!

  2. If you find a Wii Fit, you'll have to let me know how you like it. I think Metropolitan Mama is having a contest for one, actually -- it's worth entering!

    And girl, you should totally rock a bikini if you can. I can't, and am just not comfortable in one. But you can be dang sure that if I was, I would own it. :)

    Enjoy your suit!

    Shopping is certainly therapeutic.

  3. It was a great day! Thanks for sharing it with me! And you totally rocked that bikini! I'm jealous!!

  4. oh oh, come visit me! we have a wii fit. my daughter is in love with it. i'll send you some pics of her playing soccer in them.

    target rocks! (in which, that was where we found our wii fit too...)

  5. I love and adore Target. One of my neighbors is a manager at the Nicholasville Road location, and I am
    always embarrassed when I see her there because I am there so often. :D

    I buy clothes for work there all the time so I don't mind if it gets destroyed since it was cost-effective. They really hold up well. (and hold color well, since I only wear black to work!)