Saturday, June 14, 2008


Did I tell you all that Nick is in a wedding this weekend? I didn't think so...I have a tendency to forget things that don't directly involve me... which would explain why I forgot to take Nick's dress clothes for the rehearsal dinner to the dry cleaners or to buy myself a dress to wear to the wedding until nine o'clock Thursday night. This led to a mad dash to Kohl's (only store with nice dresses that is open past nine around here) where I was lucky enough to find an adorable dress and Nick a stylin' tie for the event.

So anyway, the wedding is this evening. Obviously that means the rehearsal was last night! So even though I have a million things to do between now and the wedding (important things like shipping the Wii Fit and getting a manicure and pedicure...) I feel that I MUST post the rehearsal pics before I get started...I am truly committed to my blog. OR I am truly obsessive about my's a toss up.
Sticking with my normal issues with picture taking at major events, I got zero pictures of the bride, and only this one with the groom included...I will do better with my pictures today!
The dinner was at a local hotel, and when we were walking out the guys saw a sign for the "Holodome"...They were all thrilled with what we found. Unfortunately (showing our age) not one of us had a pocket full of quarters, so we were forced to move on....(although they did attempt to give the evil eye to some people playing ping pong in an attempt to take over the table...they were not budging)
So...we decided to head out to a bar instead. In my option, a MUCH better offer! Here is a pic of Ryan and Arielle as we are leaving the Holodome
Me and Nick outside the was pouring down rain...always nice when you are all dressed up...Ties is Ryan and Andy enjoying the live band
and a cute one of Ryan and Arielle...
And a terrible picture of me, but maybe my favorite picture of Nick ever! He wasn't smiling in the pics....and I finally talked him into "really smiling" for me...
A little more normal...
Then this random pic that Andy took which for some reason I am drawn too...
Okay...that's it for now. I will get some pics of the wedding up most likely tomorrow. We found out that due to the wedding being in a dry county (we have those here in Kentucky) there were huge fees that went with trying to bring in a bar, so there will be no alcohol. This led us to deciding to bring our own in a cooler in the back of the car. Yes...we are resorting back to your 19 year old selves...but it will be a long night with lots of dancing and alcohol helps with such things!

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