Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Other News...

Now that we have the arm funk under control, I am able to get back to what I consider my normal life. It's funny how time flies when you are obsessing over something like Poison Ivy! The big silver (might as well even call it platinum) lining of this entire thing is that it has completely taking my mind off the fertility stuff for an entire week, and now here we sit at DAY TWENTY TWO! Amazing, right?? That means in less than a week I get to take my test. That means that we are already on top of the time that I started spotting with the last two IUI's (days 23 and 25 just in case you all do not memorize my medical history). Now with cycle two I felt like if I made it to day 28 then there would be no way I am not pregnant, but I don't feel this way this time. They put me on the estrogen and progesterone to control the spotting, so I am expecting to make it all the way to magical day 28. Let's just hope on that day we get the news we really really want...

Another fun fact is that I am now extremely jittery. Fun, right? The doc said the high dose of the steroid I am on can make that happen, along with the feeling that I want to clean the house (score!) and...wait for it...extreme emotions. That mixed with the Clomid, estrogen and progesterone is making me just about the most insane person around. Nick is a lucky, lucky man! Honestly we haven't seen to many side effects besides me not being able to sleep last night from the jitters. Kinda just felt like I had WAY to much caffeine...

So, away from medical updates, I did go see the Sex and the City movie this weekend with all my girl friends and I LOVED IT! I was really worried about it. Why mess with a good thing? The series ended PERFECTLY! Don't mess with the happily ever after! But I was wrong. It was okay to reopen the story. To bring back our old friends. I had forgotten how much I loved them...

Okay, this is kinda turning into a random hodge podge of a post, which I apologize for, but it's what I get for obsessing. I did other things this week, but God help me I can't remember them. I did want to wrap up some loose ends on the arm funk front that were brought up in the comments (which, by the way, were AWESOME! I love getting that many comments on my arm disease. You all didn't shy away from the nasty at all!!)
  • First, the doc said she really thinks it is a plant allergy. The reason it moved to my stomach was because at some point before I washed the oils off, I touched there. It took longer to come out because there was not as high of a concentration in that area. kinda looks to me like I was holding my my shirt to pee...but that's just a really weird guess...she said it isn't on my hands because I had washed my hands, but not the crook of my elbow. Score one for proving I wash my hands!
  • You can actually get shingles more than once. You are actually more likely to get them once you have had them a first time. It's the chicken pox virus laying dormant in your system, and it will come out under high stress and infect a nerve. The wedding shingles aren't really that exciting, but I was...well...under a lot of stress. My Papa was really ill and I just broke out all on my stomach. I actually recognized it right away and got on the medication fast. Could have been much worse!
  • They didn't talk about it being hives, but I actually did! really the main big one never had that hive look. It does in that pic, but really it was flaky and oozy and nasty. The ones on my other arm really do look like hives though. The doc said it was once again just less of the oil...

Okay, that's it. I gotta get going. Sorry for the jumping of topics, but I think I am caught up to normal life. Now we get to obsess over the next six days...


  1. Who told you shingles was a one time thing?

  2. ok, spill. i'm going to go email you on the side... i need to know the satc movie ending. since i won't be going to go see it until the dvd comes, i want to know NOW! (LOL... i'm impatient that way. i read the endings to a book half way through.)

    anyway... glad to hear there isn't a poisonous spider crawling around in your house!

    yay for day 22!

    'charing' - sorry, that might have been me. i heard somewhere that you can only get shingles once. but oviously, i don't know squat. :)

    happy wednesday!

  3. I feel special that my hives question was responded to in your post. But, uh, is that odd of me? Oh well, if it is, it's nothing you weren't aware of. Glad it's clearing up.