Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some Good News

Do you all know how much the drugs for IVF cost? Not the IVF itself, just the prescriptions. I didn't. I truly never gave it a lot of thought. If you asked me, I would say I assumed "a lot". I actually asked Boo, and (hope you don't mind me sharing) she said hers were about $3000. Did you hear me. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS. For MEDICATIONS! You can't even get the medications at a normal pharmacy. Doc had to call it in and then they would contact me to set up shipping and payments.

I had decided it was worth a try to have them run the drugs through my insurance. I have wonderful insurance, and have been lucky enough to have all the Clomid, estrogen, progesterone, and injections for the IUI's covered. I am not sure how common that is, but I was pleasantly surprised by it (and by pleasantly surprised I mean shocked and thrilled). When the pharmacist called I asked if she could look into my insurance coverage. She asked me if I have fertility coverage. I tell her that I don't have full coverage, but that it has covered all medications so far, as well as all ultrasounds and doctors visits. It is not covering anything for Nick (obviously...and I didn't tell her that, I am just telling you all) and the actual IUI transfers.

She put me on hold to call my insurance company. I am not going to lie, she sounded very skeptical. I actually felt a little bad for making her call. She didn't SAY there was no point, but there was something in her sigh that led me to believe it. Anyway, she got back on the phone and gave me the breakdown....Doc called me in seven different medications. (that's right). Three of the seven were not covered through this pharmacy, but would be covered at this other magical pharmacy. They will fax them the order and they will call me. The other four were covered here. She starts naming them along with the number of pills or injections for each...medication one...$3...(I get a little excited...great start!) medication two...$3 (I actually laugh out loud a little...) medication three...$6 (my heart skips a beat)...medication four...the big one of the four...$15 (I die just a little). She then says I need needles and syringes...she adds that in...and of course I must pay for the Fed Ex the grand totally for the first four of the seven IVF drugs with shipping and needles...$37. THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS. TOTAL.

Now, I still need to talk to the other pharmacy, but they said it would be covered. I could have a $40 copay per pill or shot or something, but still...I mean, this could still get expensive, but I just cannot tell you how excited we are to have some of this being paid. The $3000 for drugs is a fourth of the total cost of IVF. The idea that we could get a large chunk of that paid just means that if it doesn't work, we can do it again sooner...we can do it again EVER. Three thousand dollars...and so far I have paid thirty seven. I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop...I will let you know what the total for the last three turns out to be, but for now, I will enjoy the idea of thirty seven! Looks like the ads on Bio Girl (which really are coming as soon as they give me the code) might pay for at least the medications!


  1. The costs of all this are always a bit of a mystery to me, but that is a RESULT by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. I had a similar experience. None of the fertility stuff is covered except diagnostic testing, but ALL my meds are and I have no fertility drug cap. Yup, 66.00 for all of it!

  3. Sarah!! This is fabulous! I'm so thrilled for you!!! Yippie!! ::does the happy dance:: What a huge burden lifted!

  4. That's wonderful! What a blessing for you all.

    (And even if it were $3,000 out of pocket, I'd rather pay that than get accidental quads from Clomid. Imagine the college tuition!)

  5. That's a lot of money. :(

    Hope this cycle works for you!

    Yeah, maybe charing's idea is worth the try. I'm gonna buy one this week! :)