Saturday, June 21, 2008

Face Lift!

So, what do you think of my new look? (if you are reading in a reader, come on over and see the new layout!) I have been rolling around the idea of a three column blog for a while now. The only problem was that I really love my header that Liz made (contact her and she will make you an adorable one too for a very reasonable price!!) but she could not make a three column site. Well...the answer came from my aunt Mrs. Who when she pointed me in the direction of Sweet and Simple Designs who, for an amazingly low price, would work with my header and make me a perfect little three column site!!!!

Soooo.....WHY do I want a three column site. Well...there will be another little change happening over here at Bio Girl. One I truly hope does not bother any of you. I have been asked to join the blogher ad network (I looked into it a while back...around the time all the fertility stuff started rolling, and they were closed to new members. I added my name to a waiting list and I recently got an email from them saying that although they are still closed, they would like to invite my site to join...very cool in my opinion.) This will not change my posting at all. I will not be writing about the products. I will not be selling anything at all. I am only selling the space on my site. You don't have to feel the need to click on anything. If you want to, feel free, but you clicking has absolutely no effect on my money from the ads. The only thing that will affect the money is my traffic (so you know...if you want to send some friends my way that would be cool with me...).

Now, lets be honest. my traffic is nothing impressive. I love all of my readers, but you all are few in number (but you are mighty!!). The money I will be getting from these ads will be minimal unless I experience some amazing traffic boom, which I don't expect to happen. The thing's still money. And honestly, IVF is not cheap. It is actually damn expensive. Overwhelmingly expensive. Nick and I have worked so hard to have no credit card debit and to keep ourselves with a reasonable savings and a comfortable life. This will be changing with the IVF. Down the road we may look into second jobs to cover the new debt. We aren't sure right now. The thing I do know is that every little bit helps, and if they are wanting to pay me ANYTHING for writing on my blog, which I already do and love, then I want to take advantage of that offer. I know some people have issues with blogs that advertise. I hope you all don't mind. Like I said before, Bio Girl is not changing. The writing will be the same, just the page will have a little more going on!


  1. the look is pretty good, and JUST the right side of girly coloured to allow me to keep visiting ;0)

    As ads go, blogher are the lesser of many evils.

    As for the costs... I just ran up a total of what a few repeat cycles might cost, and all I can say is ...Yikes...

  2. Love the new layout!!

  3. It looks great and free money is awesome!!

  4. Love the new look - the purple is perfect. You will never regret the money you are spending. Best investment you will ever make!

  5. I love the new layout! It looks great! And I think I'm going to have a check out Sweet 'n Simple. I've always wanted a three column blog. We shall see...

    As for the ads, every little bit of money counts. I totally understand that. I agree with Mrs Who though, you won't regret your spending!!

  6. Whooo hooo -- Congrats on the new design and the BlogHer ads! Put in a good word for me, I signed up a long time ago as well but haven't heard anything and considering the amount of time I spend on my blog I could sure use even a small amount of cash to justify it. The hours on end each day is adding up.

    Anyway I love the new look and congrats again!

  7. i have had a few friends that went through ivf, and yes, they are shockingly expensive.

    i will try my darnest to keep trafficking your site... my teeny tiny contribution to your ivf funds...